About Us

SmartPlay – An Overview

SmartPlay originated as a sport safety and injury prevention program and has evolved to also provide advice on nutrition, wellness, natural therapies and fitness equipment.

SmartPlay aims to reduce the incidence and severity of sport and recreation injuries and carries the slogan:

Warm Up, Drink Up, Gear Up

We highlight simple yet important injury prevention practices for all sports participants, coaches and administrators.

SmartPlay encourages healthy living, nutritional eating and exercising smartly. We offer unbiased advice and a supportive culture. 

We work with experts in their chosen fields who are passionate about helping Australians achieve their fitness goals.

SmartPlay encourages sport, activity, exercise and healthy participation

We provide articles, resources, news and events from all corners of our great country. We aim to encourage sport, activity and exercise to be an everyday occurrence for all Australians.

Smartplay believes that most sports injuries can be prevented and provides support in many ways.

• Working in partnerships to develop sports injury prevention resources.
• Providing expertise on resource development.
• Developing sports injury articles for publications (sports newsletters and magazines) and websites.
• Distributing monthly sports injury e-newsletters.
• Providing access to resources via the Smartplay website. 

• Building the skills and knowledge of personnel to deal with injuries through injury prevention and awareness training.
• Providing access to Train the Trainer courses on injury prevention and safety.

• Raising awareness of sports injury issues by disseminating key messages at grassroots level, through training, resources and media.
• Increasing the profile of sports injury prevention to industry, government and the public.


• Delivering cutting edge research at forums and workshops to highlight the importance of sports injury research initiatives.
• Communicating emerging research through training, resources, the Smartplay website and media.
• Providing access to research via the Smartplay website.
• Working with research partners to support and contribute to the ongoing evidence base for sports injury prevention.

• Influencing key stakeholders to place injury prevention on the agenda.
• Supporting and contributing to the ongoing evidence base for sports injury prevention.
• Supporting partnerships to impact the incidence of sports injury.
• Delivering ongoing expertise and advice on sports injury prevention issues.

Smartplay works with organisations to reduce the severity and incidence of injury.