Quinoa – A Superfood You Should Know

Delicious vegetarian quinoa salad with bell pepper, cucumber and tomatoes. Quinoa - superfood salad

It’s time to get familiar with quinoa, it’s nutritional value, the health benefits it can provide and the best way to integrate quinoa into a well-balanced diet. Quinoa – nutrition’s well-kept secret The first item to address is how to pronounce quinoa – think KEEN-wah and not kwin-oh-ah. The correct pronounciation has been an item … Read more

What is Bouldering? (and the Best Bouldering Gyms in Sydney)

Man on a bouldering wall

Discover Bouldering and Indoor Climbing Bouldering is a great way to discover the fitness benefits of rock climbing without the need for equipment or a head for heights. Bouldering is cheap, safe and is growing rapidly in popularity as a sport. What is Bouldering Imagine rock climbing, but done at heights that are close to … Read more

Tips for Running Faster

Man running on an open road - tips for running faster

A great way of progressing from steady running to running faster times is to incorporate strides/speed intervals into your run. They can be done either at the end of your run or in the middle of the run, but never at the start of the workout. How to do strides/speed intervals The idea is that … Read more

What Works Best – Stretching Before or After a Workout?

Couple doing stretches. What works best - stretching before or after exercise?

There is considerable discussion on both sides of the debate on whether it is better to stretch before a workout or after. Pre-workout Vs Post-workout Stretching The following are are my guidelines, based upon the research I have studied over the years and also my experience as a personal trainer. The general purpose of stretching … Read more

Applying the 80/20 Rule: How to Eat and Exercise with Balance and Control

Applying the 80/20 rule to exercise and diet

Some years ago, I learned about the 80/20 rule which I sadly didn’t adopt at the time. Back in those years, I was one of those ‘all or nothing’ sort of guys who would train until they faint. The 80/20 rule is regularly used as a guide to safe, progressive strength training, but over time I’ve realised … Read more

Why You Need a Massage Gun and Our Verdict on the Best Massage Guns in Australia (2022 update)

Woman using massage gun on her leg outside in the park

Massage Guns – Our view on the latest trend in fitness and recovery Do you ever wonder how some people continue to push harder when stretching and doing their daily exercises? Ever wonder why some gym bunnies never seem to be sore or tight? Is your workout partner annoyingly smug and patronising whilst you groan … Read more

Age-Proof Your Brain

cartoon image of cogs whirring in a man's brain

Discover what to eat to reduce anxiety, overcome depression, and improve your memory.  Certain foods deserve a regular place in our diets for their brain-boosting prowess. Brightly coloured produce – think: berries, broccoli, grapes, butternut squash, tomatoes – along with superfoods like garlic, green tea and cacao, all improve concentration and decision-making because they contain … Read more

Ageing Gracefully

Ageing bark of a tree similar to ageing skin

Ten Tips on How to get Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin 1. Go to bed earlier “Sleep is one of the most powerful anti-ageing weapons we have,” says Karina Stewart co-founder of the Kamalaya Wellness Resort. “Getting sufficient quality sleep directly impacts ageing, because it affects adrenal gland health and the body’s levels of the hormones cortisol … Read more

Bodybuilding Supplements – What a Professional Takes!

Bodybuilding supplements - scoop of protein, bcaa and creatine, omega3 in pills on wooden background

Buying protein powder, collagen, vitamin supplements and concerned by the cost? Spare a thought for the poor bodybuilder! If you’ve every been curious about the bodybuilding supplements that a seasoned pro takes, read on. SmartPlay spoke to Tom Lawry, a competitive bodybuilder, to get an understanding of what supplements and vitamins he takes on a … Read more

How to get rock-hard abs (6 pack tips for men and women)

A fit man raising the front og his t-shirt to show off his rock-hard abs.

It’s that time of the year again. Summer is fast approaching and that dream of spending your weekends relaxing by the pool or beach is quickly becoming a reality. There’s just one problem. Do you want to be the star of Baywatch or Whalewatch? In all seriousness though, most of us aspire to have that … Read more

10 powerful Protein Tips to Scientifically Grow Muscle

Foods included in our protein tips to scientifically grow muscle

Hypertrophy training – Building muscle is a science. The experts have long told us that impressive muscle growth will only be triggered by combining progressive resistance training with sufficient calories, rest, healthy hormones and optimal protein intake. Hypertrophy is the scientific term for growing muscle and understanding the process behind muscle growth can be both … Read more

Don’t Let Injury Sideline your New Year’s Resolution

New Year's resolutions - popular goals on colourful post-it stickers

It’s the same every year. January comes around and so many of us, feeling sluggish and looking a touch portly, enthusiastically sign up to a common New Year’s resolution – that of the shiny new exercise and fitness regime. The festive season may have been fun, but it’s unlikely to have been kind to your … Read more

Starting a Fitness Business

Fitness business. Male instructor training mature adults in boot camp fitness

Tips for running your Bootcamp or Personal Training business Here are some quick tips on enhancing your fitness business, so that you can free up your time to live your life how you want. Remember, you are both a fitness professional and a business operator. The number one tip is to set up systems. Have … Read more

Updated review of the Healsage Pro massage gun

Healsage Pro massage gun

Following on from our earlier study of the best massage guns available in Australia, we decided to give Healsage’s new flagship device a go. Read on to see what we thought: Massage Guns – the background The massage gun (also known as a handheld percussion massage device) has become very popular, very quickly. Massage guns are … Read more