ACL Injuries

ACL knee injury graphic

Unfortunately, injuries to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) are relatively common in Australian sport, especially in AFL, netball, basketball, netball and snow sports. Historically, serious ACL injuries have prematurely halted sporting careers. However current surgical and rehabilitation practices enable most athletes with ACL injuries to resume regular sporting activities. Anatomy of the knee The knee … Read more

Want to Handstand? 3 Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Shoulders

Man doing handstand yoga pose on the beach

Handstands do not come easy to most of us. Which is probably why they look so awesome when done well. If you’re anything like me, you look on enviously when somebody in your CrossFit gym executes a perfect handstand. Its an impressive demonstration of strength, focus, balance, alignment and mobility. And handstands take practice and … Read more

Core Vs Functional Training (what strength exercises work best for you?)

A young woman doing a side plank in the park. Core vs functional training

Core training and functional training are two fitness buzzwords that are increasingly used within the fitness industry. These terms are often used (sometimes inaccurately) to describe the various forms of training that incorporate movement patterns rather than traditional strength exercises. The terms (core training and functional training) are similar, but not the same, and shouldn’t … Read more

The Signs of Overtraining (How to Avoid Burnout and Recover Faster)

Young muscular woman doing exercise with barbell at the gym. Looking at camera. Behind her there are here friends exercising. Beware of the signs of overtraining

Many of us, when undertaking a fitness training program (whether it be to gain muscle, lose weight or improve sporting performance), at some point will ask “Am I actually doing enough?” Or, more specifically, we will question whether we are training hard enough, or often enough, or long enough, to achieve the results we are … Read more

Gain Lean Muscle Mass Whilst Shredding Fat

Fit man doing a plank - ten minute workout

Stripping fat whilst growing muscle at the same time can feel like mastering the dark arts. It has been called the holy grail of weight training: how does one simultaneously gain muscle mass whilst also shredding body fat, and promoting toned muscle definition? It’s a wonderful goal, but it most certainly isn’t easy. Building muscle … Read more

Struggling to Build Muscle? You may be a Hard Gainer

A slim, but fit young man in boxing gloves. He may be a hard gainer.

You work hard in the gym, lifting heavy, doing the same exercises, the same routine as all the massive guys. But you just don’t get any bigger. Why can’t you put on muscle mass? So you work harder, adding an extra session per week and doing even more reps every time you step inside the … Read more

Weight Training Through Injury: Advice for those who take it seriously

2 man liftin weights. Weight training through injury.

A bodybuilder’s injury management strategies for working out when not at full-fitness. What to do when rest is not an option Let’s face it, injuries are inevitable when we are pushing our bodies past the limit as bodybuilders.  There is nothing that kills momentum and sets us back more than an injury, especially a nagging … Read more

Top 5 Exercises to Build Power

close up of back of a train. One of the best exercises to build powerer holding a heaving barbell

When it comes to weight training in the gym, there are some classic exercises that we all come back to time and time again. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because they are old, that they are not good. These exercises have proven themselves over the years to be highly effective in adding power … Read more

Train your Legs for All Over Body Power

A fit man using a leg press machine in a gym. Exercises like this are good to train your legs

Don’t make the mistake of shirking leg day to focus on your pecs and biceps instead. The legs are your key source of power and strength. Big arms, huge shoulders, wide chest and narrow waist. The classic V-shape. What’s not to love? However, whilst they may not be as glamorous (or as easy to show … Read more

What is the Best Workout for Fat Loss?

Muscular slim woman displaying her trim abs and midriff. What is the best workout for fat loss?

Every personal trainer will likely have had this question asked of them: What workout is the most effective for fat loss? The demand for fat loss solutions worldwide is enormous and it continues to grow. It is still the most common outcome that clients request of their personal trainers. As fitness professionals we advise our … Read more

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

overcoming negative thoughts. Focus on solution written on a green board

The path is clear. Why put rocks in the way? How to go to the next level in whatever you put your mind to. ​We all want to progress in life. In fact neuroscientists believe that there is only one reason for our brain to evolve – motion. Behind every action, feeling and thought, the … Read more

Making Lifestyle Changes Stick

Making lifestyle changes stick. Eating healthily and sticking to your eating plan

At the start of another year, another quarter or even another week can often mean a new commitment. A new month, another resolution: whether it be Steptember, Droptober, Movember, FebFast, Sober October, etc. We all like a fresh start; a new beginning. Whatever happened in the past is past. A new month equals a new … Read more

An Upper Body Workout that Produces Results

A muscular man's back. He is doing an upper body workout.

Australian Physique Bodybuilder Lee Nagorkca shares his upper body workout. Check out this chest, shoulder and tricep workout and try it yourself. Lee: For my weekly training on Mondays & Thursdays I do Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (my workout is below), Tuesdays & Fridays I do Lower Body and Wednesdays & Saturdays are for Back & Biceps. I … Read more

Survival of the smartest: how exercise affects our brain

cartoon image of brain exercising with barbells. Relates to how exercise affects our brain.

It is increasingly accepted that the brain as well as the body benefits from a life rich in sport and exercise. Improving cognitive fitness through exercise Across recorded human history there have been certain ages that have defined us, literally guided our advancement as a society.  With each of these seminal ages, a set of … Read more

What to do about food cravings

A selection of foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids

Never use food as a substitute for something else. If you’re bored, stressed, or lack spiritual guidance (not uncommon in a post-Covid world) you may turn to food to fill that void. Seek counselling if you believe your food cravings are being triggered by something you’re missing. Looking for a healthy, delicious and easy to … Read more