The questions you must ask before taking a Personal Training Course

Personal trainer helping woman working with dumbbells. Each personal training course varies greatly.

Looking for a career change? Thinking that life as a fitness professional may be the change you need? Be sure to do your homework first. Not all personal training courses are created equal, unfortunately. What course you take is a very important financial and career decision and in making the right call you will need … Read more

Exercising the Back – Wide Grip Chin Ups

Doing chin ups. Slim well built young woman wearing a ponytail and holding a horizontal bar while doing chin ups

Developing your lats helps with that classic V-shape. Add wide grip chin ups to your training routine. Overview – To develop the full length and width of the lats The muscles designed to be used are the Latissimus Dorsi, Supraspinatus, Deltoid, Pectoralis Major and Teres Major. Other muscles used are Triceps Brachii and Subscapularis. Training … Read more

Sports Relations – Coach Education & Development Consultants

football coaching tactics (soccer) on an interactive whiteboard

We have linked below to some of the excellent articles and thought leadership posts by Mark Upton and the Sports Relations team. Mark Upton’s (Sports Relations) most popular and thought-provoking posts: Learning Vs Performance – Challenging Traditional Coaching Off-Field Learning Spaces How do you Learn the First Touch Skills of Iniesta – Context and Practice … Read more

Beware the Evening Snack Attack!

Cookies in jars on a shelf - a perfect example of a snack attack weakness

Six tips for handling after-dinner snack cravings. You are not alone in having them… Do you find, after dinner, even though you’ve just eaten a full meal, your fridge and pantry seem to whisper your name and pull you in as if you’ve been hypnotised? I’ve been there too and I’ve devoted time to researching, … Read more

Eating Right For Sport

Eating right for sport with scrambled egg tartlets and wheat grain crackers on a stoneware plate

Want to get fitter, want to be faster and stronger? Then take your food intake seriously Food is an important part of sport. It provides the body with the fuel it needs to perform at its best. However, if the wrong foods are consumed, injuries can result. Fatigue is a common risk factor in many … Read more

CrossFit Kova

man holding kettle bell ready for CrossFit workout

CrossFit Kova has merged with CrossFit Newstead (Athletic Zone) and the amalgamated CrossFit gym now operates out of the iconic Woolstore building in the Function Well gym, 76 Commercial Road, Teneriffe, Qld 4006. In an unfortunate turn of events CrossFit Kova was shut down by Brisbane City Council and forced to close its doors and … Read more

Fitness Testing – Why Take a VO2 Test and What to Expect

Shot of a male patient running on a treadmill with oxygen mask and doctor in white uniform. The man is performing a VO2 Test.

Want to know how oxygen-efficient your body is? Your overall cardiovascular health is dependent on how efficiently you process oxygen. VO2 treadmill testing for runners (or stationary bike testing for cyclists) is a convenient and accurate method to discover just how efficient your oxygen uptake is. What is a VO2 test? There are many aspects to … Read more

Supplements, how much do you know?

Herbs with alternative medicine herbal supplements and pills

Most people know that supplements, if used correctly, can be good for their health. However, that’s where the knowledge ends for a large proportion of the population. Many of us are unsure what supplements to take and why. And a great swathe of us have no real understanding of what’s in the supplements that we … Read more

Working your Triceps

Working your triceps using bench dips

To build triceps mass and thickness My aim in this workout is to increase both mass and thickness to the triceps. The action used for this exercise is extension and flexion. The muscles designed to be used are the Tricep Brachii and the Anconeus. Other muscles used are Biceps Brachii, Brachialis, Sachioradialis and Pronator Teres. Training … Read more

Safer Sport With New Children Guidelines

Young boys and girls running towards ball

Reduce Injuries But Don’t Reduce Exercise – Sport and physical activity is a vital component of achieving good health. By undertaking a minimum of 60 minutes of activity per day children and young people will not only reduce their risk of chronic illness, mental illness and obesity but also develop healthy lifestyles, friendships, life skills … Read more

Perfecting the Downward Facing Dog posture

A young woman practising the dowward facing dog posture in yoga

When we think yoga, more often than not we think of the downward facing dog. This is the most recognised yoga pose and one that you hold and move through multiple times during a class. Ahdo Mukha Svanasana (Down Facing Dog). The down facing dog. Its very ubiquity makes one think that it must be … Read more

Emotional Intelligence in Sports

chalkboard writing of 'emotional intelligence' with a tape measure

While the world of sport is still coming to grips with emotional intelligence, it is hardly a new idea. People have always been impressed by athletes who can ‘switch on‘ to perform consistently and effectively. They would be described as being tough, composed, having a good mind for the sport or the right psychology, being … Read more

Make Mine A Blended Protein Powder!

Whey and Casein Blended Protein Powder

There are literally hundreds of protein supplements on the Australian market, all promising you amazing results whilst vying for your hard-earned cash. Which to choose? Well, maybe a blended protein powder is the answer. Whether you decide to go for a chocolate-flavoured whey protein powder, a salted caramel keto powder or a vanilla plant based … Read more

5 tips for Personal Trainers to improve their client training relationships

A woman working out in a gym with a female personal trainer. Tip for personal trainers can help with keeping clients.

Time constraints, a lack of funds and unachieved goals are some of the reasons a client parts ways with a personal trainer. However, one of the most avoidable reasons in preventing a client from leaving is a poor working relationship. A client could also sever ties with the personal trainer and training program if their … Read more

CrossFit Commandments

CrossFit instructors share their rules, commandments and non-negotiatables CrossFit Bare, Bondi Junction, Sydney: We don’t shy away from the cult labelling of CrossFit and like any good cult we’ve developed some rules. To take a leaf out of the book of arguably the best in the culting business, we’ve called them our ‘10 Commandments‘ The Ten Commandments of CrossFit Listen … Read more