Natural Health, From Head to Toe

Healthy outdoor exercise

Try these easy tips to prevent indigestion, boost brain power, stop osteoporosis, and more. As awareness of the shortcomings of modern medicine has grown, we have become more enthusiastic about both natural health and natural approaches. Generally, these methods are less invasive and safer. Underlying most of these choices in healing is the belief that … Read more

My Health My Happiness

balancing stones on the beach signifying balance in life and health and happiness

Our health and happiness ethos: We have long been of the belief that if you don’t feel in good health then you are not truly happy. We employ writers and guest authors and undertake research and knowledge-hunting because we have a mission to improve both health and happiness outcomes for our readers. We are passionate … Read more

Brisbane Natural Health

Healthy woman watching beautiful sunset with bicycle

Lifestyle and health are interlinked Aside from exercise, a proper diet and an active lifestyle are important factors in achieving optimal health. Every day we are bombarded with ads on television promoting a ‘quick fix’. “Want to lose weight? Take this pill or use this machine for 3 minutes a day and lose 5 kilos … Read more

Kettlebells for Beginners

kettlebells for beginners

Take a sensible approach to Kettlebells Kettlebell workouts are an excellent addition to any exercise routine. They offer variety, are challenging, adaptable and offer whole-of-body benefits. It is important to understand how to use Kettlebells correctly. With a focus on technique and form, you can establish a skill set that you can utilise for the … Read more

What is Vinyasa Yoga Flow?

Silhouette of a young woman indoors with a window behind her, doing a vinyasa yoga flow

The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships. T.K.V. Desikachar Flow classes are based on the principle of Vinyasa – a system of movement and breath work that builds both strength and flexibility in the body. … Read more

Common Food Terms and What they Mean for Your Health

Fresh vegetables on a wooden chopping board. Food terms like 'organic' can be confusing

A nutritionist gives us the run down on what to look for when food shopping: Shopping healthily doesn’t get any easier. There’s a plethora of choice out there and ‘paralysis by analysis’ can occur. If you’re anything like me, you forlornly (and rather desperately) scan the shelves, looking for labels that shout out ‘HEALTHY FOOD! … Read more

Thinking of a new exercise regime as the seasons change?

rear view of a young woman exercising in the park - starting a new exercise regime.

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer. Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Now is the time to get serious about moving more and getting some sweat on. Take control of your health and commit to fit In the last few years , there have been studies released … Read more

Meet the Naked Vegan

Young woman practicing yoga warrior pose at sunset

Maz Valcorza founded Sadhana Kitchen, Sydney’s first organic, raw food and vegan cafe How did you come to start Sadhana Kitchen? I had become vegan after learning about the principle of ahimsa through yoga teacher training. It means non-violence in Sanskrit and that concept of causing as little harm as possible, both to myself and … Read more

Food for Thought

Vanessa Kimbell author of Food for Thought

Our health and the health of the earth are ultimately intertwined and eating is about nourishing ourselves and the planet. Vanessa Kimbell’s book Food for Thought, shows us how our everyday meals can be used as a tool to change the world by sourcing ingredients with thought, and standing up for those who are producing … Read more

Hitting the Wall and What to Do about it

A young woman bent over, catching her breath after hitting the wall whilst running

Ever experienced the rather awful feeling of having your body shut down on you during exercise, a race or sporting endeavour? Ever found yourself in the middle of a particularly intense workout or run, and felt physically unable to push yourself any further? Hitting the wall is real. It happens and you can no longer … Read more

Why Use a Nutritionist?

Why use a nutritionist? A healthy plate of Salad with ham, cucumber, spinach, Bulgarian pepper. Black background. Top view. Close-up

Would you like to feel better, stop feeling hungry all the time and take control over your nutrition? If the answer is yes, then a nutritionist can help. A healthy, sustainable approach to nutrition is to focus on real food and its ability to improve our mental and physical wellness. Assess your individual health goals … Read more

Yoga for Kids

A woman helping a child to do a yoga pose. An example of yoga for kids

Believe it or not, it’s hard to be a kid these days. You may not understand this unless you have one. And it’s not just my opinion. I chat to many parents, and have taught many kids from pre-school through to high school to know that it’s not all fun and games. With increasing technology, the prevalence … Read more

Therapeutic Yoga – what happened to it?

A young couple practising yoga. Therapeutic yoga is falling out of fashion.

The case for Yoga Therapy Traditionally all yoga was therapeutic. Students would usually come to their teacher or guru on a one-on-one basis. This was important because it enabled the teacher to then guide them through a practice that was very specific and catered to the unique needs and goals of the individual. In this … Read more

The fitness excuses that every Personal Trainer has heard!

An unfit young woman wearing a pink top, sitting on an exercise machine with her personal trainer standing by. PTs have heard all the fitness excuses

There are always reasons why its easier not to exercise. Life gets in the way sometimes. Here are 5 fitness excuses that every fitness professional has heard at one time Excuse 1: I’m too tired Energy creates energy! Go for a fast walk or run and tell me you don’t feel more energetic when you … Read more

Better nutrition for busy people

Healthy vegetable soups and salads on a wooden table in a rustic tableau - perfect examples of better nutrition.

A dietitian’s guide to healthy eating whilst living a hectic 21st century life We may well aspire to cooking up a weekly bone broth, fermenting our own vegetables and swanning around the kitchen with elegant poise, but the reality of our hectic schedules makes these aspirations a forlorn hope. Let’s be honest, who can find … Read more