Kettlebells for Beginners

kettlebells for beginners

Take a sensible approach to Kettlebells Kettlebell workouts are an excellent addition to any exercise routine. They offer variety, are challenging, adaptable and offer whole-of-body benefits. It is important to understand how to use Kettlebells correctly and this is where our advice covering kettlebells for beginners comes in. With a focus on technique and form, … Read more

3 Quick Tips For Improving Motivation

Man doing Plank - Tips for Improving Exercise Motivation

Let’s be honest. Most of us could use some quick tips for improving motivation. This ia because for many people, as they embark on a new workout program, motivation is going to be the biggest issue and concern. You can have the most perfectly designed program in the world, but if you are not motivated … Read more

My Health My Happiness

balancing stones on the beach signifying balance in life and health and happiness

Our health and happiness ethos: We have long been of the belief that if you don’t feel in good health then you are not truly happy. We employ writers and guest authors and undertake research and knowledge-hunting because we have a mission to improve both health and happiness outcomes for our readers. We are passionate … Read more

The Importance of Staying Hydrated

The Importance of Staying Hydrated - someone pouring water from a jug into a glass

You’ve heard the 8 glasses of water a day advice and thought it was too ridiculous or impossible too even attempt. We know the importance of hydration for our bodies and the simplest solution comes right out of the tap, but why do we find this basic nutritional principle so difficult? Of course for the … Read more

Paleo Inspiration From The Foodie Teen

Paleo Inspiration - Balanced diet food background. Organic food for healthy nutrition.

It’s always inspiring to stumble across individuals and companies who have the capacity to change lives. Alessandra Peters is one of them. Browsing recently for paleo-style recipe inspiration, we came across Alessandra, aka The Foodie Teen. Alessandra is 15, has Coeliac disease and eats a paleo style diet. Flicking through her blog posts, it’s hard … Read more

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity this Winter

tips to boost your immunity this winter - Chaga tea on a white background. Useful infusion of birch mushrooms. Drink to boost immunity.

Cold and flu season is truly upon us, and keeping our immune system functioning optimally is essential for remaining healthy during the winter months. This is particularly true as we emerge out of lockdowns and into a living-with-COVID world. While the occasional sniffle here and there is quite normal, we should be recovering from this … Read more

Are You Eating Enough? (Know The Warning Signs)

Are you eating enough? Young woman with salad, outdoors

So you’re dieting. You cut back on the snacks, the cakes, the treats, the sugar, the soda, the fries, the carbs, the chocolate and the alcohol. All of a sudden you’re feeling pretty deprived. Looking good but feeling crap? But you’ve been going great guns at the gym, and your body is showing some real … Read more

Running Smart (how to set goals and be safe)

Running Smart (how to set goals and be safe) - woman running in an urban environment

I love having a run goal to keep me focused and motivated. I’m not a natural runner, and keeping up with my exercise routine has been a challenge and tough at times, but that for me is the perfect criteria for a great running goal – it should be both scary and exciting. Tips to … Read more

Is it time for a new pair of running shoes?

running shoes and a purple towel on a white background

If you live an active life with plenty of exercise then your running shoes don’t get off lightly – they’re out in the mud, in the cold, on the pavement, in the heat, we kick with them, we jump in them, and we certainly rack up the steps in them! Good footwear offers us comfort, … Read more

Be a Mindful Eater not a Mindless one

Advice on how to be a mindful eater - a black heart-shaped signboard with the text mindful eating, on a pile of different vegetables, such as French beans, cherry tomatoes, a head of broccoli, and some pieces of chicken in the background

What do you think of when you hear the word mindfulness? Meditation? New age hype? Sitting for hours tied up like a pretzel? Many people misunderstand the concept, the practice and the benefits of Mindfulness. Have you ever gotten out of the car and thought- I can’t remember the trip here? Do you ever get … Read more

The ABCs of Building Healthy Eating Habits: (improving Food Attitude, Behaviour and Coping Skills)

The ABCs of Building Healthy Eating Habits, shown via a healthy bowl of salad

A= ATTITUDE There is a common attitude towards losing weight that the process must entail deprivation, restriction and denial of foods you would normally like to eat. But this creates a conflict because you may want to lose weight but you don’t want to “diet”! This is called a “diet attitude” or “all or nothing … Read more

Are you Environmentally Fit?

A young woman running outside, along a stone=walled seafront, with her dog. She is being environmentally fit.

You know that your exercise regime is good for you, but is it good for the environment? Consider a typical gym member. The exercise starts with a drive to the gym, obviously consuming energy and creating pollution. The gym is frequently an air-conditioned environment with plasma screens playing and loud music pumping. More energy expenditure. … Read more

Brisbane Natural Health

Healthy woman watching beautiful sunset with bicycle

Lifestyle and health are interlinked Aside from exercise, a proper diet and an active lifestyle are important factors in achieving optimal health. Every day we are bombarded with ads on television promoting a ‘quick fix’. “Want to lose weight? Take this pill or use this machine for 3 minutes a day and lose 5 kilos … Read more

Natural Health, From Head to Toe

Healthy outdoor exercise

Try these easy tips to prevent indigestion, boost brain power, stop osteoporosis, and more. As awareness of the shortcomings of modern medicine has grown, we have become more enthusiastic about both natural health and natural approaches. Generally, these methods are less invasive and safer. Underlying most of these choices in healing is the belief that … Read more

What is Vinyasa Yoga Flow?

Silhouette of a young woman indoors with a window behind her, doing a vinyasa yoga flow

The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships. T.K.V. Desikachar Flow classes are based on the principle of Vinyasa – a system of movement and breath work that builds both strength and flexibility in the body. … Read more