My shopping trolley essentials

Cropped shot of a man with a shopping trolley in a supermarket. He is buying his shopping trolley essentials.

A personal trainer explains her weekly food shopping essentials To be completely honest, to begin with I’m not really a fan of the title of this blog, as I would prefer it to be is “Market Basket Essentials” but I cannot always get to our local fresh food market. Anyway, we all have to rely on the … Read more

Iron Requirements – What Female Athletes Need to Know

Medium rare Ribeye steak with herbs and a piece of butter on the wooden tray. Red meat is an excellent source of iron.

Why is iron important Iron is an essential mineral used in haemoglobin. Haemoglobin carries the oxygen we breathe around the body delivering it to our muscles and organs including our brain. Iron helps in producing energy from food and is needed to support the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems in our bodies. Iron helps our … Read more

4 Tips for Getting Your Exercise Groove Back

A young woman exercising with weights in a gym. Getting your exercise groove back can be hard.

Finding it tough to get motivated to get sweating and puffing again? These tips can help you get your groove back. Having a little trouble getting motivated to get back into training for the summer? There’s every chance that you were going well last summer and autumn, training several times a week and then work, … Read more

Pilates for Men

Pilates reformer workout exercises man at gym indoor. Pilates for men has many benefits.

Why are more men taking up Pilates? Is Pilates good for men? Or perhaps we should rephrase the question to ‘gents, if you haven’t tried Pilates, why not‘? So how useful is Pilates for men? Though many of us tend to think of Pilates as an exercise regime mainly for women, this is not how … Read more

Six Reasons to Book a Lifestyle Retreat

A young woman in a white bathroom on the edge of a spa/pool. Book a lifestyle retreat and re-invigorate yourself.

Thinking of taking some time out? Considering a retreat and feeling a little guilty about it? Here are some reasons to just go for it There is no doubt that you deserve to take a little time to yourself. Here are just a few reasons why you should book a lifestyle retreat. Our busy and … Read more

Yoga Kula

Young woman practicing yoga warrior pose at sunset

Yoga Kula of Turramurra, Sydney (not to be confused with Kula Yoga, Hawthorn/Hampton, Melbourne) has now moved locations and changed its name to Kula Body. The studio is still based in the northern Sydney suburb of Turramurra. Yoga Kula has long established an enviable reputation in Sydney for its excellent yoga and pilates classes. The … Read more

How to Combat Food Cravings

An aerial view of different types of milk and dark chocolate, some with nuts. Chocolate is one of the most common food cravings

Have you ever asked yourself why you frequently have cravings for different food types? Food cravings can hit for a number of reasons and one of the most common is due to deficiencies in your day-to-day diet. Recognising your food cravings When you feel like junk foods, you really are craving for something else. That … Read more

Who Loves Cardio?

A young woman outside in the countryside with a skipping rope. She is doing cardio exercise.

You’re probably in the minority if you answered in the affirmative! Cardio training doesn’t get a lotta love. And it’s easy to see why – it’s hard and it can hurt. And frankly, it’s often repetitive and monotonous which gives rise to legitimate claims that cardio is boring. However, to ignore cardiovascular training is to … Read more

An introduction to Ayurveda

A woman having an Ayurveda treatment.

Intrigued by Ayurveda? Want to know more? Read on for a beginner’s guide to the practice A number of naturapaths are schooled in the traditional Indian science of Ayurveda and acupuncture based on Ayurvedic principles, Nadhi Chikitsa, as well as other naturopathic modalities. A naturopath with these skills can analyse your current state of health and provide … Read more

Is it time for a new pair of running shoes?

running shoes and a purple towel on a white background

If you live an active life with plenty of exercise then your running shoes don’t get off lightly – they’re out in the mud, in the cold, on the pavement, in the heat, we kick with them, we jump in them, and we certainly rack up the steps in them! Good footwear offers us comfort, … Read more

Busting the myths of how best to lose stomach flab

An overweight couple, sitting on a couch, trying to lose stomach flab

Struggling to shift stomach weight? For most of us, the belly is a common place for fat to be stored, and this can be frustrating to someone who’s trying to ditch excess weight. Are you fed up of trying to lose stomach flab without success? No matter how hard you work or crash diet, perhaps … Read more

6 Ways to Eat More Spinach

Green baby spinach leaves on a white background.

Spinach is one of nature’s superfoods, not to mention Popeye’s fuel of choice – so why not make it yours too? Packed full of powerful nutrients, spinach’s health benefits include the following and more: Alkalises the body Lowers blood pressure Fights psoriasis, acne and wrinkles Can prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes Aids in digestion Maintains … Read more

How to get fit for Basketball

A group of men playing basketball on a court. They are about to get fit for basketball.

Quick Basketball exercises to get you from courtside to court-ready Been a while since you’ve been on the court? Don’t sweat it – here’s how you can get fit for Basketball, fast. We’ve pulled together our favourite exercises to help you get fit so you’ll be hitting those 3-pointers in no time. In Basketball, not … Read more

How to get fit for Netball

young girls playing netball under floodlights. It's important to get fit for netball before you play.

Game on! Here’s how to get fit and fast for Netball Whether your favourite position is Goal Attack or Wing Defence, if you want to jump back into playing this wonderful sport, then it is time to get your fitness levels back up. We’ve pulled together our favourite exercises to help you to get fit … Read more

Chronic Back and Neck Pain is Here to Stay

The rear view of a man in a white shirt, clasping the nape of his neck. He has chronic back and neck pain.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey (2018-19) stated that back and neck pain were increasingly prevalent among men and women over 50+  Spinal and neck pain is a growth industry These spinal pain issues are responsible for the greatest number of GP visits overall and chronic spinal pain continues to have an extremely … Read more