Beat the Heat in Summer

Clouds streaking the sky on a hot, sunny day with a view over water.

Summer sport can turn into a risky pursuit when the sun is beating down. Summer sport can turn into a risky pursuit when the sun is beating down. Playing sport or exercising in the heat of summer can put participants at risk of cramp, heat exhaustion and even the fatal condition of heat stroke. For … Read more

Get a head start! Prevent injuries with preseason training

2 people running on a track, showing what is needed to prevent injuries with preseason training

Are you counting down the time until your sport begins again and thinking of starting pre-season training? Why wait; begin your pre-season training now. It has been found that participating in pre-season training can significantly reduce the risk of injury occurring throughout the season. Pre-season training is a great way to improve fitness, increase skill … Read more

Minimising the impact of dental injury

A smiling biy showing the importance of minimising dental injury when playing sports

Any dental injury is distressing especially when a tooth is knocked out. It can be painful, costly and often involve permanent damage. Dental injuries have the potential to occur in any sport where there is a risk of a blow to the head or the face from either an opponent or equipment. While wearing a … Read more

Modified sports the safer option for kids

A group of children holding a variety of balls from different sports. They sre ready to play safer sport with new children guidelines

Are you aware of the safety benefits a modified version of a sport has for your child? Research conducted by Ballarat University, in partnership with VicHealth, has found that parents are directing their children away from seemingly higher-risk sports and aren’t aware that participation in a modified sport has many safety benefits for their child. … Read more

Fuel Up for Physical Activity

A breakfast smoothie bowl with blueberries, strawberries and bananas. A great way to fuel up for physical activity

Research has shown that good nutrition and healthy eating can play a key role in enhancing sporting performance. On a day to day basis it’s important to provide your body with essential nutrients for good health and have enough energy to meet the demands of physical activity, including recovery afterwards. It is important to keep … Read more

Parents can reduce school injuries

A group of multi-ethnic kids outside a school. Parents can reduce school injuries and keep their children safe.

In Victoria each year around 6,000 hospital-treated unintentional injuries occur among 5-15 year olds at school. Sports-related falls and collisions are the major causes of these injuries with fractures/dislocations and sprains/strains the most common injuries. Some of these injuries, however, could have been prevented – this is where parents can help. Parents can play a … Read more

Preventing Tennis Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

A couple being active by playing tennis. The woman is about to serve.

Every summer The Australian Tennis Open inspires many of us to take to the sport. Unfortunately injuries can occur if inadequate preparation is undertaken. In 2016, 127 people were admitted to Victorian hospitals while 382 people visited Victorian emergency departments for tennis-related injuries. The rate of tennis injuries has been calculated at five injuries per … Read more

Preventing Gymnastics Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

A young woman in a red leotard, performing gymnastics and jumping with a ribbon

Facts on Gymnastics Injuries in Australia An introduction to gymnastics Gymnastics is fundamental to movement and is recognised as the basis of all sport. Gymnastics prepares children in body movement, control, coordination, balance, landing and all dominant movement patterns. Children with this experience are demonstrably better at whichever sport they choose. Gymnastics leads the way … Read more

Preventing Hockey Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

field hockey players challenge one another in a midfield battle on a hockey pitch

Facts on Hockey Injuries Hockey is a popular international Olympic sport which places many demands on the technical and physical skills of players. During the course of play, players accelerate, decelerate and change direction all whilst trying to hit, pass, stop/trap or dribble the ball. As a result, injuries can and do occur. Safety Tips … Read more

Preventing Squash Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

A man playing squash on a squash court

If you would like some advice on how to play squash, please see here. Facts on Squash Injuries How many squash players? More than 300,000 people play either squash or its cousin, racquetball, across Australia. Squash is a great way for people to increase their fitness and for children to improve their hand and eye … Read more

Preventing Aerobics Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips,

3 women in flouro exercise clothing, ready to do aerobics

Facts on Aerobics Injuries The sport of aerobics  Aerobic dance involves the movement of large muscle groups, in continuous rhythmic activity, to music.  During aerobics, the body is in motion through space and either both feet loose contact with the ground (high impact) or at least one foot is in contact with the ground at … Read more

Preventing Golf Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

Aerial view of a golf club with golfers playing golf

Facts on golf injuries How many golfers? Golf is a popular casual and competitive activity that is played by people of all abilities and ages. Statistics from a recent Australian Sports Commission’s survey showed an estimated 1,132,000 Australians aged 15 years and older played golf in the 12 months prior to being surveyed. Regular golf … Read more

Preventing Downhill Skiing Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

Perfect skiing scene. A snow-covered ski resort with cable car, ready for skiing.

Facts on Downhill Skiing Injuries How many skiers? The Exercise, Recreation and Sports Survey (ERASS) conducted in 2014 estimated that 277,200 Australians participated in snow and ice sports in the 12 months prior to the survey. Downhill skiers represent 75% of participants in snow sports, with a broad range of age groups and skill levels … Read more

Preventing Soccer (Football) Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

A graphic of a soccer pitch, soccer ball, whistle and red & yellow cards

Facts on Soccer injuries in Australia How many soccer players? Soccer is one of the most popular team-based sports in Australia and worldwide. Statistics from the Australian Sports Commission’s 2006 survey showed an estimated 697,400 Australians aged 15 years and older played outdoor soccer in the 12-month period prior to being surveyed. A further 310,100 … Read more

Preventing Basketball Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

4 older men getting ready to play basketball. the front one holding a basketball

Facts on Basketball Injuries in Australia How many basketballers in Australia? Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Australia with players of all ages and skill levels participating. Statistics from the Australian Sports Commission’s 2006 survey showed an estimated 541,600 Australians aged 15 years and older played basketball in the 12-month period prior … Read more