Preparation Is The Key

Injury Prevention Advice – Every year hundreds of people suffer sporting injuries – sprains, strains, fractures and broken bones. More often than not most of these injuries could have been prevented had the correct preparation been undertaken. To help you prepare for activity and help reduce injury risks, Smartplay, Sports Medicine Australia’s sports injury prevention … Read more

A Guide To Injury Management

Understand The RICER And NO HARM Approach – Nobody likes being on the sidelines as a result of injury. Unfortunately however this can sometimes be the case when you are involved in sport or recreational activities, despite undertaking the best preventive measures.  Soft tissue injuries are the most common in taking you away from activities. … Read more

Getting The Most From Being Active

Prepare, Protect & Prevent and get the most out of your activities – It’s sometimes hard enough to get motivated for activity, having to battle time constraints, fatigue and weather conditions, let alone having to deal with an injury. To avoid the burden of an injury whilst being active, you need to remember to prepare … Read more

Women’s health – Be Active!

Being Active Through The Ages – Regular physical activity is important for women’s health and wellbeing. However, different life stages call for different amounts and types of exercise. Smartplay, Sports Medicine Australia’s sports injury prevention program, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing explains the importance and variance of physical activity throughout … Read more