Have you ever asked yourself why you frequently have cravings for different food types?

Food cravings can hit for a number of reasons and one of the most common is due to deficiencies in your day-to-day diet.

Recognising your food cravings

When you feel like junk foods, you really are craving for something else. That something else for example could be when you crave chocolate because your body is either deficient in Magnesium or we are looking for a comfort zone because of emotional distress.

And if you would like to know more about foods which are rich in Magnesium, please see here.

The secret to combating food cravings is about understanding what we are really craving and satisfying that need by healthy solutions.

Have you ever noticed after consuming a fair amount of food for the day you are still hungry? The simple fact is your body keeps craving foods because you have not consumed enough essential trace minerals to meet your body’s daily requirements.

If your body has not consumed sufficient amount of minerals, your body will crave to eat more until you get the minerals you need.

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The reasons for persistant food cravings

That’s why many people have the tendency to go on binges and eat chocolates, ice creams and soft drinks.  For example when craving for chocolate your body is looking for magnesium and you will consume unhealthy amounts of chocolate until your craving disappears.

Persistent cravings of foods are a sign that your body is really lacking a specific minerals or a number of trace minerals. I have compiled a list of food cravings and solutions to remedy the craving.

If in a couple weeks your cravings have not subsided, then your food cravings are related to emotional eating, which we will write about in a future post.

CravingsMineral DeficiencySolutions
Red Meat (Steak Burgers, Hamburgers)IronSpinach, Iron supplements
Salty Foods (chips, nuts)ChlorideAdd Sea Salt to healthy foods
Soft DrinksCalciumLegumes, Broccoli, Sesame seeds
Oily or Fatty foodsCalciumLegumes, Broccoli, Sesame seeds
ChocolateMagnesiumRaw Cacao, Magnesium supplement
Sugary FoodsChromioum, Carbon, SulphurChromium-Brewers yeast or Chromium supplements

Fitline Restorate is a supplement that we have recommended to help with curbing food cravings. It can be taken after dinner, just before bedtime or after strenuous exercise.

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