CrossFit instructors share their rules, commandments and non-negotiatables

CrossFit Bare, Bondi Junction, Sydney:

We don’t shy away from the cult labelling of CrossFit and like any good cult we’ve developed some rules.

To take a leaf out of the book of arguably the best in the culting business, we’ve called them our 10 Commandments

The Ten Commandments of CrossFit

  1. Listen to your coaches! They’re all super smart, awesome and totally badass. Or at least know what they’re doing when it comes to CrossFit.
  2. Every time you drop a weight a puppy dies.
  3. Every time you say you can’t a kitty dies. (Unless of course you’re injured. Otherwise, kindly harden up).
  4. Every time you drop a weight and say I can’t… a little piece of your coaches’ soul dies (along with both the aforementioned baby animals).
  5. Be on time to class, or even come in early. Chances are one of your die hard classmates will be there moaning as they roll out their self-inflicted aches and pains.
  6. Say hi to new members. Or if you’re new yourself, be prepared for plenty of fist bumps, handshakes and high fives and pretend to enjoy them.
  7. If you’re not sure ASK! This goes without saying. Not sure if ‘skinning the cat‘ means removing the flesh from your neighbour’s pet, best check with the coaches before you end up in serious trouble (or staining your lovely new gym clothes with feline blood).
  8. Proper technique comes first! Before faster times, or getting more reps. If you disregard this a) you’re more likely to get injured, b) you’re only cheating yourself and c) you’re a tool and CrossFit isn’t for you.
  9. If you have an ego, lose it! Guys, being smoked in a few WODs by a couple of 50 year old women will probably do this for you anyway, but if not maybe consider bodybuilding.
  10. Have fun! Work hard during the workouts, enjoy the company of your classmates and help keep the Bare Box (te-he) an enjoyable place to be.
A fit woman doing CrossFit with a kettle bell. She'd be interested in the best protein shaker.

The CrossFit difference

We are not a gym!

Sure we throw weights around, run, jump, sweat, strain, grunt and groan like a regular gym. But with CrossFit, we do it together.

You’re a person: not a member. You’ll get more handshakes, high fives, fist pumps and g’days than at a BBQ with old friends.

You’ll work hard, so hard you may feel like giving up. But someone will always be there to pick you up and help you through.

You’ll do things you love and things you hate. You’ll always have a coach, sometimes a room full of them, and some day you may do some coaching of your own.

You’ll do CrossFit. A functional fitness program and a damn good one. CrossFit however, is more than that. It’s an empowering lifestyle program. The workouts are just as challenging as any other gym, often much more so, but our difference is community.

We’re a family. We train together, grow together and share in both our highs and lows.

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