Safety Tips For Netball Players –

With the netball season underway thousands of netballers are stepping onto the court for the first time in many months.

Netball is a fabulous sport to both play and watch but for who participate will know that it places many demands on one’s technical and physical skills. As a result netball injuries are relatively common, predominantly to the lower leg, wrist, hand and fingers.

The major causes of these injuries can be awkward landings, slips/falls, player contact/collision, over-exertion, overuse and being hit directly by the ball.

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To help prevent these injuries, Smartplay, Sports Medicine Australia’s sports injury prevention program funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, offers the following advice:

Woman with knee injury

Safety Tips For Netballers

  • Undertake good preparation
    • Undertake training prior to competition to ensure readiness to play
    • Always warm up, stretch and cool down. (A recent netball study found that not warming up before a game increases the risk of injury by 48%)
    • Undergo fitness programs to develop aerobic fitness, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility
    • Learn good technique and practices
    • Participate in training programs to improve body balance (using wobble boards or balance mats).
    • Learn correct passing, catching and landing techniques
    • Wear the right protective equipment
    • Seek professional advice on footwear
    • Consider preventive ankle taping or bracing to reduce injury risks

If you regularly get muscle soreness and tightness after playing or practising netball drills, consider remedial massage or even a home percussion massager to reduce aches, pains and recovery times.

Safety tips for netball clubs

  • Check the netball enviroment for hazards
    • Check the netball environment for hazards
    • Use Netball Australia’s Game Day Checklist (available at to ensure a safe playing environment
    • Check and maintain the playing surface to remove hazards eg. loose gravel
    • Provide adequate run-off area around the court
    • Goal posts should be padded and secured firmly to the ground with no part posing a tripping risk
    • Remove courtside hazards.

  • Modify rules and equipment for children
    • Encourage children to participate in a Net Set GO! Program to develop good skills and techniques
    • Use lower goal rings for relevant age groups
    • Discourage play in extreme hot, wet or slippery conditions
    • Qualified first aid personnel, first aid kits, ice packs and a stretcher should be available at all times
    • Enforce and adhere to a strict blood rule.

These safety tips will not only decrease your chances of being sidelined with an injury but will increase your chances of playing a better game.

Girl playing netball catching the ball

For further advice on how to prevent netball injuries, download a copy of the Smartplay Netball Injuries Fact Sheet.

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