Don’t burn out from excessive exercise

Participating in sport or physical activity should be fun, a chance to improve your skills, develop friendships and increase your fitness. Although, many people push themselves too hard too fast, and do not take adequate rest breaks. This excessive exercise is often a recipe for burn-out.

It is important to remember that pushing your body past its limits can cause it to break down. If you don’t allow your body sufficient time to rest and recover you may not be receiving the total benefits of your physical activity.

The most common symptom of “burn-out” is fatigue, feeling tired both during physical activity and during rest. Other symptoms include moodiness, irritability, a decrease in appetite, and an increased susceptibility to injury.

It is important that the factors that have lead to the “burn-out” be identified and corrected. Good planning of physical activity decreases the likelihood of injury or “burn-out” occurring and ensures the activity remains enjoyable.

Tired man after workout

Physical activity safety tips:

When planning your warm up and cool down before and after the activity.

  • Include fluid intake before, during and after activity to prevent dehydration. If you’d like to know more about healthy hydration levels, please see here.
  • Take short breaks along the way if participating in physical activity for long periods of time.
  • Ensure you have adequate recovery to suit your program.
  • Set short term goals and gradually build to your ultimate goal. Ensure well-balanced, gradual increases in physical activity. Do not push your body beyond its capabilities.
  • Alternate your physical activity routine. Avoid monotony by varying your activity. For example, riding one day and swimming the next.

If you would like some additional information on the possible dangers of excessive exercise, you can learn more here.