Kickboxing has a history of over a hundred years and it requires incredible cardiovascular endurance and lightning speed for survival.

While the primary purpose of kickboxing is to train for hand-to-hand combat, over recent years, many gyms have started kickboxing classes to inculcate its spiritual and physical demands into their clients’ routines.

A few cardio exercises will certainly spice up a tired and predictable workout and will burn some serious calories along the way.

Kickboxing tips

There are a few tricks of the trade that allow you to practice kickboxing without experiencing injury:

  • Always shift your weight onto the balls of your feet, rather than your heels
  • Never punch or kick with a full extension
  • Keep your core tight whenever pushing or pulling
  • And always use protective gear before a fight or full contact session.

A young man wearing boxing gloves, getting ready to practise his kickboxing

So if you’re up for the challenge, get your kickboxing gloves on and follow this simple kickboxing cardio routine for an awesome workout:

A kickboxing workout for beginners

Warm up

  • 25 x Arm Swings
  • 25 x Arm Circles
  • 25 x Torso Circles
  • 25 x High Knee March
  • 50 x Standing side crunch
  • 50 x Standing Crisscross Crunch
  • 50 x Up and out
  • 100 x Jumping Jacks or Skipping Rope

Alpha Routine

Always begin with your left leg forward (for right footers)

  • Jab + Cross x 5 (stance change and repeat)
  • Knee + Cross + Jab x 10 (stance change and repeat)
  • Jab + Cross + Jab + Crouching stance switch x 5 (Repeat on alternate side)
  • Knee + Cross + Uppercut + Lower cut+ Hook x 5 (Stance change and repeat)
  • Hook + Uppercut + Lower cut + Hook x 5 (stance change and repeat)
  • knee + Hook + Jab+ Lower cut + Crouching stance x 5 ( Repeat on alternate side)

Bravo Routine

– Always begin with your left leg forward (for righties)

  • Shin Block + Jab + Cross + Shin Block x 5 (Stance change and repeat)
  • Knee + Jab + Jab + Hook x 5 (stance change and repeat)
  • Knee + Jab + Cross x 5
  • High Kick + Low kick + Shin Block
  • Front Kick + Round house Kick x 10

Kickboxing provides a fun cardiovascular workout and helps in torching calories very effectively. Go for it.

If you’d like to know more about the history of this growing sport or something about the differences forms of the rules, you can read more here.


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