It’s the same every year. January comes around and so many of us, feeling sluggish and looking a touch portly, enthusiastically sign up to a common New Year’s resolution – that of the shiny new exercise and fitness regime.

The festive season may have been fun, but it’s unlikely to have been kind to your waistband or BMI. Getting fit and losing weight is a laudable ambition but don’t be reckless or foolhardy.

Safety precautions need to play a part in all New Year ‘get fit’ resolutions to avoid injury and keep fitness regimes on track.

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New Year’s Resolution Injury Prevention Tips

Injury is one of the major barriers in participating in sport and physical activity. Each year one in 17 Aussies are sidelined due to a sports injury.

However this should not deter our enthusiasm to improve our health and fitness as it has been calculated that up to half of all sporting injuries are preventable.

To help prevent New Year injuries, SmartPlay offers the following tips:

By following these tips you will reduce the likelihood of getting injured and increase the chances of a happily fulfilled New Year’s resolution.

And remember, if you are in doubt, consult a sports health professional for advice.


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