The path is clear. Why put rocks in the way?

How to go to the next level in whatever you put your mind to.

​We all want to progress in life. In fact neuroscientists believe that there is only one reason for our brain to evolve – motion.

Behind every action, feeling and thought, the primary function of the complex brain is to compute motion.

So it is only logical to conclude that our desire to progress in life is not only natural but also part of our DNA.

We are designed to keep moving forward

It doesn’t add up and yet it is such a common problem. So does that mean that perhaps the neuroscientists have it wrong?

Actually NO. The problem is not with the conclusion nor the outcome.

The problem is that most of us who face this problem lack the knowledge to implement it.

In fact, I’ll go one step further and tell you that it is not about HOW to implement it – it is about the fact that we don’t know how to get past the chatter in our head.

The negative chatter that tells you that maybe you are not ready yet? Surely you’ll get rejected? What if you’re not good enough? Not talented or committed enough? Will you have the time to take on additional responsibilities? Will you be sacrificing too much time away from friends and family for an uncertain outcome?

Overcoming negative thoughts

Also known as imposter syndrome, the negative chatter keeps going on and on…

The thing that you have to understand about this chatter in your head is that it has a very specific purpose. It is trying to keep you safe.

Safe from making a mistake.

The way to handle this chatter is to acknowledge it and appreciate that it is trying to help you.

But this chatter is like a 5 year old child. The child wants to help. The intention is pure and clear.

But as you know, the child hasn’t got the skills to help you to get to the next level. The child, however willing to help, will actually get in the way and hinder progress.

To improve and grow you need to:

I’m sure you can imagine the benefits of adopting these new skills.

Once you become fully aware of the beliefs that are holding you back in your mind then you can do something about them.

Positive Thinking written in black on a white board and a woman's hand holding a pen. Overcoming negative thoughts.

Quite often these beliefs are formed during early childhood and it’s common for adults to not be aware of them on conscious level.

Moving forward means breaking out of them and replacing them with new beliefs that will serve and support you in achieving your goals. And learning new techniques to set realistic and achievable goals means getting closer to fulfilling them.

Take that first step

​So let’s take this first step to move towards that goal. And the first step is very simple. Recognise the negative chatter, the ‘inner child’ when it appears with its limiting self-talk.

Acknowledge it, thank it for its concern and then move on.

Move on and keep moving forward.

I assure you that your life will change for good once you take this step. This new skill will help you for the rest of your life. By understanding beliefs that are holding you back and choosing new ones instead will open up new opportunities for you.

And this effect will be felt by everyone around you. You will not only change the nature of interactions with others but you will also inspire them to acknowledge their limiting beliefs and address them.

If your actions can bring you success and motivate others to succeed, well, what’s not to like?

The principles of moving forward

  • You must have a big enough WHY
  • Say YES first and figure out HOW later
  • Successful people fail more than they succeed
  • Continuously work towards becoming the next better version of Self
  • Persistence and perseverance out-performs talent and intelligence, every time
  • The main thing about achieving a goal is not what you get but who you become
  • Enlightenment is not in forgiving. It is the realisation that there was nothing to forgive in first place


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Acknowledgements and thanks for this article to Life and Wellness Coach, Sach Sharma