The protein shaker has become the must-have accessory of gym devotees and meal supplementers alike.

Why do you need a shaker bottle and which is best for you?

We have put together a series of articles on the whats, whys and wheys of protein powders and shakers and so please read on to learn more:

What is a Protein Shaker?

At its most basic, a protein shaker is a cup with a lid. Some have measurements marked on their side in either millilitres or fluid ounces.

The idea is that you measure a scoop of your favourite protein powder into your shaker bottle, add the required amount of either water or milk, screw on the lid and shake the container until your protein shake is mixed to lump-free smoothness.

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Beyond this, there are a number of additions and patented devices aimed at ensuring that your shake doesn’t form clumps at the bottom of the bottle.

There are wire balls, mesh diaphragms and solid-spiked rubber spheres, usually called ‘blender balls’ or ‘shaker balls’, designed to break up any offending clumps of powder when you shake the bottle.

There are bottles with a motors in their bases which turn your protein powder and water into a spinning vortex of nutrition, powered by batteries, a USB or even rechargeable.

Some protein shakers are insulated, some have handles and other come complete with a separate compartment where you can store an extra serve of protein powder, or perhaps some nutritional boosts in the form of tablets.

If you thought that all protein shaker bottles were created equal, you were wrong!

Why Buy a Protein Shaker?

There are 5 main reasons to buy a protein shaker bottle:

  • Ease of Mixing
  • Portable
  • Accurate
  • Convenient
  • Economical

Ease of Mixing

This is the big one as getting a perfectly blended protein shake – without literally putting it in a blender – is not as easy as you might think!

Few things form clumps as easily as a scoop of protein powder. It seems that no sooner have you added the liquid to the supplement than it bonds into lumps that refuse to dissolve. It’s both annoying and unpleasant when you get powdery chunks in your mouth.

A good protein shaker should eliminate this problem. Whatever the method of mixing, even if it is simply putting the lid on the container and shaking it for all you are worth, you should end up with a lump-free, perfectly blended protein shake.


You can take your protein fix with you wherever you go in an easy to carry form.

You can either mix your drink at home and leave it at in your locker at the gym, sitting on your desk for when you need it at work, or perhaps in the drink holder of your car. Alternatively, you can pop the protein powder into the shaker bottle when you leave your home in the morning and add water from a tap of bottle later in the day when you are out and about.

A protein shaker, some dumbbells and some protein powder - in canisters and loose in a bowl, all on a wooden top next to a concrete wall.


If you are serious about your sports nutrition, you will know that how much protein powder you take and when is extremely important to getting the finely tuned body that you desire.

Using a protein shaker bottle rather than simply mixing your protein shake in a glass from your kitchen cupboard means that you have an accurately measured amount of protein each time you mix up a supplement.

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All of the above – ease of mixing, portability and accuracy of measurements – add up to convenience.

When you head out of the house in the morning, whether you are rushing off to the gym or beginning your commute to work, you can chuck a scoop of protein powder into your shaker and either mix it up there and then, or take it with you as is, to add water to later when you are ready to drink it.

No mess and no fuss means convenience. Brilliant.


Putting together your own protein shake is considerably cheaper than buying pre-mixed versions from a sports nutritionist or a cafe.

Yes, it’s nice to treat yourself to a few protein balls and a drink post-workout once in a while, but do it on a regular basis and you’ll see it eat into your budget pretty quickly.

Buy your protein powders in bulk, mix them with water and invest in a reliable protein shaker bottle that blends your drink to you liking. And splurge on an expensive protein smoothie with the beautiful people in a trendy lunch spot on special occasions.

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Which Protein Shaker is Best for You?

You need to ask yourself a few questions:

Do you want a shaker bottle with a some kind of blender ball, like the best-selling Blender Bottle, or would you prefer the blending action to come from a motor, like with the VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle?

What size suits you best? 600ml? 650ml? 700ml? 750ml? 828ml (that’s 28oz)?

Do you have a preference on what your protein shaker is made of? Stainless steel, like the Free Soul Protein Shaker Bottle? BPA free plastic? Tritan? Are environmental considerations important to you?

Do you want your shaker bottle to be insulated, like the Republik Premium Stainless Steel Protein Shaker? Will you want to be able to keep your protein shake cool in summer? Or are you indifferent to the temperature?

How much do you want to spend? You can pay anything from under ten dollars for the perfectly functional Endura Smart Shaker up to the princely sum of over one hundred dollars for the ‘self stirring’ Blackube Electric Shaker Protein Shaker Bottles, on Amazon alone, so it’s worth considering.

Do you want a supplement shaker with some kind of storage compartment for additional protein powder or tablets?

Would you like a drink bottle which says something about you by carrying a logo for something you’re interested in? Like a Harry Potter themed shaker cup?

Do you want a shaker cup that is easy to clean? Would you prefer to chuck it in the dishwasher, or are you happy to hand wash it?

Answer these questions and you’ll have an idea of exactly it is that you want from your protein shaker.

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