Let’s be honest. Most of us could use some quick tips for improving motivation.

This ia because for many people, as they embark on a new workout program, motivation is going to be the biggest issue and concern. You can have the most perfectly designed program in the world, but if you are not motivated enough to stick to that program, you are not going to see results regardless.

Therefore, taking the time to learn what you can do to boost your motivation levels is going to be imperative to your success. Let’s walk you through a 3 step action plan that you can do right now so that you can see better results tomorrow.

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Get A Progress Journal

The first of our quick tips for improving motivation is often overlooked, but really helpful for many people. Get yourself a progress journal.

Having a progress journal is a superior way to track your development. Even better, it gives you the means to reflect back on how far you’ve come – and this is really vital in spurring you forward.

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I would recommend that you write down in this journal what you are doing in each workout. Why? So that you can look back after 2-3 weeks and see what progress has been made.

Taking some progress pictures and placing them in this journal is also an excellent way to track your progress as well. You might surprise yourself when you see how far you’ve come!

Make Your Goals SMART Goals

You must set yourself some major long term goals.

Whether that is to lose X kilograms by a specific date, or to be able to lift a certain amount of weight – you need to be clear about what you want to achieve in the long term.

Once you have determined your personal goals, assess them carefully and make sure that the follow the SMART goal setting formula. This means they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and that they have a Timeline in place. If any one of these factors is missing from the goals that you have set, you need to reformat it so that they are satisfied.

Man doing Plank - quick tips for Improving Motivation

Trust when we tell you that these factors will really help ensure that your goal works in your favor to help you stay motivated and working hard at all times. If for example, the goal isn’t measurable, it’s impossible to really know how far you’ve come and how far you have to go achieve success. Likewise, if the goal is simply unrealistic and not attainable, you’ve defeated yourself before you’ve started.

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Set Daily Objectives

Finally, the last of our quick tips for improving motivation is to start setting daily objectives. These will act like baby steps toward that long term goal.

Our advice is to begin with something comparatively small and highly achievable – like drinking 8 glasses of water that day or making sure that you serve up at least 8 servings of vegetables to yourself. Or maybe you want to do one more set of the bench press exercise in your next workout.

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Whatever the goal is, make it something that you can accomplish that day. This is incredibly important, because each time you accomplish the goal you set for yourself, you will get a boost to your self-confidence. The proof that you can put your mind to something and achieve it is incredibly affirming and this then keeps motivation high and you striving forward.

So there you have the main steps you can take right now to maintain better motivation and follow through to reach those end goals you have set for yourself.