Thinking of taking some time out? Considering a retreat and feeling a little guilty about it? Here are some reasons to just go for it

There is no doubt that you deserve to take a little time to yourself. Here are just a few reasons why you should book a lifestyle retreat.

Our busy and modern lifestyles keep us in a continuous cycle of rushing around, balancing family and work, trying stay healthy and so on. Our daily schedules begin to merge and before you know it, you are stuck in a spin of overwhelm, exhaustion and stress.

And then there has been the overbearing spectre of Covid-19 hanging over all of us, clouding our futures, draining our energy and affecting the mental health of our kids. Lockdown emptiness, Zoom fatigue and a general feeling of discontent.

Sound familiar?

Finding time to unwind, de-stress and nourish your soul will make way for a more fuller, happier and more manageable life. One of the best ways to find some peace, is to take yourself away from your day-to-day, a health and lifestyle retreat is perfect for just that.

Featuring inspiring health and wellness leaders, variety of movement therapies, delicious and nourish foods and plenty of time for rest and down time, makes a retreat a unique experience, reinforcing our need for self-care.

It all sounds perfect, but not quite convinced you have the time?

Six reasons to embrace a retreat

1. Connect with yourself
When was the last time you did something for yourself? When we get caught up in the mayhem of life we forget the simple things, like breathing. Breath is fundamental to relaxation.

Retreats give you a moment to reconnect with your breath. It is a place to allow space to deeply relax and unwind. Even for a few days a retreat can reset your breath and bring it back to your consciousness to help manage your day-to-day.

Book a lifestyle retreat and enjoy treatments like a hot stone massage. Here is a woman enjoying a hot stone massage.

2. Fill up your cup.
Many of us place our own self-care very low on our lists or not at all. Enjoying some ‘me-time’ without the guilt is something everyone deserves.

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of ‘me-time’, please see here.

A retreat can be a place where only your own well-being is important. Nurture yourself, re-connect, rest and revitalise your body. A retreat gives you permission to spend a few days doing this without guilt of needing to be or do something else.

3. Revitalise your relationships.
Taking the time to nourish yourself maybe the key to reconnecting with relationships when you return. A retreat is a perfect place to reflect on your relationships.

What do they mean to you? Are they healthy relationships? Take this time to refresh your relationships by first allowing yourself time.

Retreats are not always about being alone with strangers. This could be an opportunity to spend focused time with a loved one, a friend, daughter, mother, father, son, and so on. A retreat can allow you to harness a relationship to a new and exciting place that you may not have considered possible before.

4. Nourished from the inside out.
A retreat not only fuels your soul but also your body. Freshly prepared, nourishing foods are provided to optimise any healing or resetting you may need.

Taking away the thought process of feeding yourself will give you time to focus elsewhere whilst knowing that you are still nourishing your body with fresh, nourishing foods.

5. Surround yourself with like-minded people.
Surround yourself with people who also wish to take a break. Whether it’s to reconnect, slow-down, gain more balance, learn healthy practices, you are guaranteed to meet people who also value this time.

You may even make a new unexpected relationship.

6. Establish a routine or practice.
Trying to establish a healthier routine in your life when already overwhelmed is not an easy task to maintain.

A retreat allows you to create a schedule you enjoy. A retreat is like hitting a reset button, it helps you gain momentum. You can leave a retreat feeling motivated and prepared to continue your new found space with the encouragement from others.

Retreats are the perfect way to relieve yourself from the reality of life and hit reset. Retreats will leave you feeling fitter, healthier, rested, happier and clearer.

A retreat doesn’t need to be long, a weekend is perfect to gain enough time away without feeling rushed.

Who doesn’t want some of that?

Reset your path, rediscover what inspires you. Nurture, nourish and restore.

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