Surfing is a very popular activity with an estimated 18 million surfers globally, with both males and females of all ages enjoying the sport.

Surfing is regarded as a safe sport and the overall risk of injury is low. Injuries that do occur are usually minor, such as lacerations and sprains.

The main cause of injury is contact with a surfer’s own board or that of another surfer. ‘Wiping out’ and striking the seabed can also cause injury to surfers.

There are many ways a surfer can prevent injury, and much of staying safe in the surf involves common sense, so before you grab that surfboard keep these safety tips in mind:

Man surfing on a wave

Good preparation

Warm up before surfing. This may include a general body warm up followed by suitable stretches.

30+ sunscreen should be worn at all times.

Good technique

New or novice surfers should participate in a Surfing Australia accredited surf school to learn appropriate skills and technique and water safety.

Surfing Etiquette

  • Respect the rights of other surfers in the water.
  • Allow everyone to catch their share of waves.
  • Only one surfer on a wave at a time. This will prevent collisions, injury and conflict in the water.

Appropriate Practises

  • Don’t surf alone.
  • Make sure children are supervised at all times.
  • Check weather and beach conditions before entering the surf.
  • Consume water before, during and after surfing.

Correct Equipment

  • Seek professional advice when purchasing a surfboard.
  • Consider a board with flexible fins and a blunt nose or protective nose guard.
  • Wear a wetsuit for buoyancy, sun protection and to prevent seabed abrasions.
  • Wear a leg rope, especially in large surf.

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If an injury occurs:

  • Stop surfing immediately and seek prompt medical treatment.
  • If you have a previous injury consult a sports medicine professional to ensure you are fit to surf.
  • Have a mobile phone close by in case of emergency.

Smartplay has a Preventing Surfing Injuries Fact Sheet available to download from the Resources/Sport Fact Sheets section of this website. To obtain a hardcopy of the brochure please contact Smartplay on 9674 8777, or email

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