Updated review of the Healsage Pro massage gun

Healsage Pro massage gun

Following on from our earlier study of the best massage guns available in Australia, we decided to give Healsage’s new flagship device a go. Read on to see what we thought: Massage Guns – the background The massage gun (also known as a handheld percussion massage device) has become very popular, very quickly. Massage guns are … Read more

Chronic Back and Neck Pain is Here to Stay

The rear view of a man in a white shirt, clasping the nape of his neck. He has chronic back and neck pain.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey (2018-19) stated that back and neck pain were increasingly prevalent among men and women over 50+  Spinal and neck pain is a growth industry These spinal pain issues are responsible for the greatest number of GP visits overall and chronic spinal pain continues to have an extremely … Read more