Sporting injuries in Australia: the research

Sports injuries graphic of the different types of sporting injuries

Facts and figures about sport, participation and injuries in Australia: Facts, figures and data into the most common sporting injuries and sports codes in Australia. Top ten most commonly injured body parts during sport 1. Hand, includes fingers 6. Face, excludes eye 2. Ankle 7. Foot, includes toes 3. Wrist 8. Head, excludes face 4. … Read more

How to get fit for Basketball

A group of men playing basketball on a court. They are about to get fit for basketball.

Quick Basketball exercises to get you from courtside to court-ready Been a while since you’ve been on the court? Don’t sweat it – here’s how you can get fit for Basketball, fast. We’ve pulled together our favourite exercises to help you get fit so you’ll be hitting those 3-pointers in no time. In Basketball, not … Read more

Modified sports the safer option for kids

A group of children holding a variety of balls from different sports. They sre ready to play safer sport with new children guidelines

Are you aware of the safety benefits a modified version of a sport has for your child? Research conducted by Ballarat University, in partnership with VicHealth, has found that parents are directing their children away from seemingly higher-risk sports and aren’t aware that participation in a modified sport has many safety benefits for their child. … Read more

Preventing Basketball Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

4 older men getting ready to play basketball. the front one holding a basketball

Facts on Basketball Injuries in Australia How many basketballers in Australia? Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Australia with players of all ages and skill levels participating. Statistics from the Australian Sports Commission’s 2006 survey showed an estimated 541,600 Australians aged 15 years and older played basketball in the 12-month period prior … Read more