Pilates for Men

Pilates reformer workout exercises man at gym indoor. Pilates for men has many benefits.

Why are more men taking up Pilates? Is Pilates good for men? Or perhaps we should rephrase the question to ‘gents, if you haven’t tried Pilates, why not‘? So how useful is Pilates for men? Though many of us tend to think of Pilates as an exercise regime mainly for women, this is not how … Read more

What is Pilates?

Pilates reformer workout exercises woman brunette at gym indoor. What is pilates?

It has been said that the practice of Pilates clears the mind and assists the mind and body to work together so that one can fully embrace life. Pilates is an exercise program suitable for men and women irrespective of age or physical fitness. It uses breath and movement to work on stabilising core areas … Read more