Bodybuilding Supplements – What a Professional Takes!

Bodybuilding supplements - scoop of protein, bcaa and creatine, omega3 in pills on wooden background

Buying protein powder, collagen, vitamin supplements and concerned by the cost? Spare a thought for the poor bodybuilder! If you’ve every been curious about the bodybuilding supplements that a seasoned pro takes, read on. SmartPlay spoke to Tom Lawry, a competitive bodybuilder, to get an understanding of what supplements and vitamins he takes on a … Read more

Weight Training Through Injury: Advice for those who take it seriously

2 man liftin weights. Weight training through injury.

A bodybuilder’s injury management strategies for working out when not at full-fitness. What to do when rest is not an option Let’s face it, injuries are inevitable when we are pushing our bodies past the limit as bodybuilders.  There is nothing that kills momentum and sets us back more than an injury, especially a nagging … Read more

An Upper Body Workout that Produces Results

A muscular man's back. He is doing an upper body workout.

Australian Physique Bodybuilder Lee Nagorkca shares his upper body workout. Check out this chest, shoulder and tricep workout and try it yourself. Lee: For my weekly training on Mondays & Thursdays I do Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (my workout is below), Tuesdays & Fridays I do Lower Body and Wednesdays & Saturdays are for Back & Biceps. I … Read more