What is the Best Workout for Fat Loss?

Muscular slim woman displaying her trim abs and midriff. What is the best workout for fat loss?

Every personal trainer will likely have had this question asked of them: What workout is the most effective for fat loss? The demand for fat loss solutions worldwide is enormous and it continues to grow. It is still the most common outcome that clients request of their personal trainers. As fitness professionals we advise our … Read more

Learn How to Measure Calories For Weight Loss

A young woman adjusting the controls on a running machine. You can measure calories for weight loss on some machines

To get the most out of you fitness and nutrition program you need to have a basic understanding of what calories or kilojoules are, and how many of them you need to eat in order to lose weight. Learn how to measure calories for weight loss and move towards your ideal weight. To put it simply a … Read more