Don’t Let Injury Sideline your New Year’s Resolution

New Year's resolutions - popular goals on colourful post-it stickers

It’s the same every year. January comes around and so many of us, feeling sluggish and looking a touch portly, enthusiastically sign up to a common New Year’s resolution – that of the shiny new exercise and fitness regime. The festive season may have been fun, but it’s unlikely to have been kind to your … Read more

Stretch it out! 9 post-run stretches that will assist recuperation and minimise the risk of injury

Overhead shot of 2 young, fits sports people, doing post-run stretches on a sports track.

You put in the time pounding the pavement, celebrating the kilometres as they disappear behind you… But when you reach your target though, triumphant and full of endorphins, are you treating your muscles to a good celebratory stretch? Once you’ve arrived home from your run, it’s tempting to simply slump into a chair, hit the … Read more

Preparation Is The Key

A fit man doing a push up from a bench. Preparation is the key for successful exercise and sport.

Injury Prevention Advice – Every year hundreds of people suffer sporting injuries – sprains, strains, fractures and broken bones. More often than not most of these injuries could have been prevented had the correct steps been taken right from the start. Preparation is the key for successful exercise and participation in sports. To help you … Read more

Don’t Burn Out From Excessive Exercise

A tired sportsman, bent over, resting on a beach. He is suffering from burn out from excessive exercise

Don’t burn out from excessive exercise Participating in sport or physical activity should be fun, a chance to improve your skills, develop friendships and increase your fitness. Although, many people push themselves too hard too fast, and do not take adequate rest breaks. This excessive exercise is often a recipe for burn-out. It is important … Read more