CrossFit Commandments

CrossFit instructors share their rules, commandments and non-negotiatables CrossFit Bare, Bondi Junction, Sydney: We don’t shy away from the cult labelling of CrossFit and like any good cult we’ve developed some rules. To take a leaf out of the book of arguably the best in the culting business, we’ve called them our ‘10 Commandments‘ The Ten Commandments of CrossFit Listen … Read more

What is CrossFit? Is it the Workout for You?

A sportsman doing a squat on a cube in a gym.

Wondering what all the fuss is with CrossFit? These fitness workouts have become extremely popular and CrossFit gyms have sprouted up all over the world at a rapid rate. We’ve asked a number of experienced CrossFit trainers to describe, in their own words, what CrossFit means to them: So, what is CrossFit? Troy and the … Read more

CrossFit Ignite Sydney

A fit woman doing CrossFit with a kettle bell

CrossFit Ignite Sydney CrossFit Ignite Sydney, Waterloo – one of the best CrossFit gyms in Sydney: Excellent trainers, supportive culture, energetic atmosphere. You can almost feel the sense of hustle and vitality in the air. We are sad to report that CrossFit Ignite Sydney in Waterloo has shut its doors for the last time. CrossFit … Read more