Diet and Body Composition, the five inescapable truths

A selection of pizzas on a counter top. Diet and body composition are clearly linked.

Master these and you get 95% of the results, says this personal trainer. Master these five simple things. That’s all it takes to get 95% of the results. I’m serious… 1. Calories are King. There is NO WAY OF ESCAPING THIS. It’s the physical law of thermodynamics. Every successful marketed diet, clean eating plan, flexible … Read more

Burning Calories – 40 Tips for Burning Calories in Daily Life (Part 2)

A young couple prepping a meal together. Healthy food for burning calories.

If you want to lose weight, knowing how many calories are going into your body is only half the battle. You also want to know how to shift them. And if you can master burning calories as part of your everyday routine, even better! This is Part 2 of our feature on 40 Tips for … Read more

Burning Calories – 40 Tips for Burning Calories in Daily Life (Part 1)

A young woman in her kitchen, holding broccoli in one hand and a book in the other, worrying about burning calories.

You want to get in shape and lose a couple of kilos. You’ve started counting the calories going in at meal times, but how do you take them off over the course of the day? Don’t disappear! Burning calories may be easier than you think, as we explain below. This is the first part of … Read more

Practical and proven ways to lose the puddin’

A blue plate with fried meat and a colourful salad. Perfect for encouraging better eating habits and losing fat

Losing fat is in some ways very simple, just a matter or mathematics. Use more energy than you consume, consistently, and you will burn off fat. But in a lot of other ways it is very complex. In our modern industrialised society we don’t often eat because we are hungry. We eat mainly out of … Read more

The Glycemic Index and why it matters to you

Mashed potatoes in a shallow bowl - a food with a high glycemic index

The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of your body’s blood sugar response after eating a carbohydrate. A food with a GI of 100 is rapidly digested and absorbed by the body causing a short, sharp rise in blood sugar. A food with a low GI ( under about 55ish) is digested and absorbed more … Read more

The Dreaded Stitch

A young man sitting and resting after exercise. Drinking water and trying to avoid getting a stitch

Whether it’s just a threatening twitch in the side or an all out, doubled-over abdomen-ripping pain – the stitch strikes down athletes of all calibres and in a surprisingly wide range of sports. But what causes it and how do we prevent it? Australia’s Dr Darren Mortan is an expert in “Exercise Related Transient Abdominal … Read more

Body Transformation, the Hugh Jackman way

Hugh Jackman at a Hollywood presentation, featuring his icon role Wolverine - for which is underwent a dramatic body transformation.

Training like the Wolverine Hugh Jackman is one of Australia’s most successful international actors, starring in many award-winning feature films. What makes Jackman unique is his intense mental and physical dedication to the roles in which he is cast. From bulking up for his role in the character Wolverine, to slimming down for his role … Read more

Time to Read Up on Resistant Starch

a bowl of vegan cocnut rice pudding with berries - high in resistant starch

Not all starch is created equal… When people first jump on board the paleo or low carb/ high fat bandwagon, they can be very quick to shout from the rooftops “All carbs are evil. Down with carbs, down with starch! blah blah blah, bacon, mmm….” etc etc Or at least something along those lines 😉 … Read more

The Winter Dilemma

back view of a woman hiking in winter in the countryside with a mountain ahead of her.

Fitness goals often take a back seat as winter sets in. It doesn’t have to be this way. It is definitely colder, wetter and generally more miserable weather-wise this time of year. This makes getting out and exercising (or just getting out) harder than normal. It also means all of the comfort foods that may … Read more

An introduction to Nutritional Medicine

A table of foods high in nutritional protein

Nutrionist vs Dietitian – what is the difference? The Nutrionist: Providing advice on matters relating to food and how it impacts health is the main role of a nutritionist. The Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) explains how nutritionists design, coordinate, implement and evaluate a range of health interventions to improve the wellbeing of individuals, communities … Read more