Top 5 Exercises to Build Power

close up of back of a train. One of the best exercises to build powerer holding a heaving barbell

When it comes to weight training in the gym, there are some classic exercises that we all come back to time and time again. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because they are old, that they are not good. These exercises have proven themselves over the years to be highly effective in adding power … Read more

An Upper Body Workout that Produces Results

A muscular man's back. He is doing an upper body workout.

Australian Physique Bodybuilder Lee Nagorkca shares his upper body workout. Check out this chest, shoulder and tricep workout and try it yourself. Lee: For my weekly training on Mondays & Thursdays I do Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (my workout is below), Tuesdays & Fridays I do Lower Body and Wednesdays & Saturdays are for Back & Biceps. I … Read more