Bodybuilding Supplements – What a Professional Takes!

Bodybuilding supplements - scoop of protein, bcaa and creatine, omega3 in pills on wooden background

Buying protein powder, collagen, vitamin supplements and concerned by the cost? Spare a thought for the poor bodybuilder! If you’ve every been curious about the bodybuilding supplements that a seasoned pro takes, read on. SmartPlay spoke to Tom Lawry, a competitive bodybuilder, to get an understanding of what supplements and vitamins he takes on a … Read more

Suffer from psoriasis?

woman showing her psoriasis on the hairline

What is psoriasis and what natural treatments work best? We take a look at what lifestyle modifications are most effective Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition in which new skin cells are produced much faster than usual (about 10x). This, distressingly, results in unsightly red, scaly patches. Unfortunately, the exact cause of psoriasis is not … Read more

Recovery foods – Eat Lean

Athletic man holding healthy food

Look toned and feel strong with the top five post-workout recovery foods to reset your body Protein After intense training, your body naturally enters a catabolic (muscle breakdown) state. Eating protein five to 15 minutes after working out will facilitate protein synthesis – a protein isolate in liquid form will be transported and absorbed by … Read more