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We have linked below to some of the excellent articles and thought leadership posts by Mark Upton and the Sports Relations team. Mark Upton’s (Sports Relations) most popular and thought-provoking posts: Learning Vs Performance – Challenging Traditional Coaching Off-Field Learning Spaces How do you Learn the First Touch Skills of Iniesta – Context and Practice … Read more

My pet hates: a fitness coach shares his biggest training irritations

A sports woman training in a gym with a fitness coach.

A professional trainer of many years reflects on his particular gym peeves… Gym pet hate number one For many of my clients the rest minute is possibly the fastest minute known to humanity. For them the expression that time flies when you’re having fun has little relevance to this brief period of respite. This ‘fun’ … Read more

Effective Online Profiles for Fitness Professionals

Looking to make a career in personal training? Then get your online profile pages up to scratch. If you want to be taken seriously as a fitness professional then you must project professionalism into your public profiles. These could be directory listings, social media pages or fitness websites. Why Online Profiles Matter As someone looking … Read more

Confessions of an anonymous life coach

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A life coach opens up about her experiences I constantly hear… I can’t afford it I don’t have time I want to be fit I want to be healthy but I don’t have time What does this do? It creates a spiral of decline It makes us feel less worthy It makes us feel incompetent It makes us … Read more