Don’t Burn Out From Excessive Exercise

A tired sportsman, bent over, resting on a beach. He is suffering from burn out from excessive exercise

Don’t burn out from excessive exercise Participating in sport or physical activity should be fun, a chance to improve your skills, develop friendships and increase your fitness. Although, many people push themselves too hard too fast, and do not take adequate rest breaks. This excessive exercise is often a recipe for burn-out. It is important … Read more

Drink Up and Avoid Dehydration!

An ice cube dropping into water. It is important to drink up and avoid dehydration

Take Dehydration Seriously Ever exercised or played sport and suffered a cramp? If you have, you’re certainly not alone as they can occur when people are active, as a result of dehydration. Put simply they happen because people do not drink enough fluids before, during and after activity. When you exercise or play sport your … Read more