Core Vs Functional Training (what strength exercises work best for you?)

A young woman doing a side plank in the park. Core vs functional training

Core training and functional training are two fitness buzzwords that are increasingly used within the fitness industry. These terms are often used (sometimes inaccurately) to describe the various forms of training that incorporate movement patterns rather than traditional strength exercises. The terms (core training and functional training) are similar, but not the same, and shouldn’t … Read more

CrossFit Commandments

CrossFit instructors share their rules, commandments and non-negotiatables CrossFit Bare, Bondi Junction, Sydney: We don’t shy away from the cult labelling of CrossFit and like any good cult we’ve developed some rules. To take a leaf out of the book of arguably the best in the culting business, we’ve called them our ‘10 Commandments‘ The Ten Commandments of CrossFit Listen … Read more

What is CrossFit? Is it the Workout for You?

A sportsman doing a squat on a cube in a gym.

Wondering what all the fuss is with CrossFit? These fitness workouts have become extremely popular and CrossFit gyms have sprouted up all over the world at a rapid rate. We’ve asked a number of experienced CrossFit trainers to describe, in their own words, what CrossFit means to them: So, what is CrossFit? Troy and the … Read more

The Evolution of Strength Training

A fit, muscular man undergoing strength training. He is skipping and jumping

It’s time to challenge legacy perceptions behind the purpose and practise of strength acquisition. There is an old saying that if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. The saying is based on a perceived model for continual success and most successful sporting teams will tend to live by this motto in the hope of continuing … Read more

City Kids vs Country Kids: How Geographical Location Affects Fitness and Sports Performance

A basketball court near some high-rise housing blocks. City kids vs country kids and fitness.

The fitness, strength and hand-eye skills of children can vary greatly according to where they have spent their formative years. We look at some surprising differences in city kids vs country kids when it comes to fitness and overall sports performance. As a sports coach, have you ever had a feeling of anxiousness when you … Read more