My Health My Happiness

balancing stones on the beach signifying balance in life and health and happiness

Our health and happiness ethos: We have long been of the belief that if you don’t feel in good health then you are not truly happy. We employ writers and guest authors and undertake research and knowledge-hunting because we have a mission to improve both health and happiness outcomes for our readers. We are passionate … Read more

Advancing to the next level in Tennis

High angle view of a young sporty couple playing mixed couple tennis on a clay court

If tennis means more to you than just a weekend hit and giggle and you’re determined to lift your game to the next level then these tips will help: Fitness: Tennis specific fitness sessions for any keen tennis player should include: Dynamic Warm ups Flexibility Core Development Power                                                                             Strength Agility Overall Conditioning                                 As a tennis … Read more

Why all the fuss about Core Strength?

A fit man and woman doing plank exercises for core strength

Core strength – what exactly does this mean? Many people, both qualified and those less so, talk of the importance of core strength, yet often they are unclear on exactly what this is. Many tend to believe that core training is simply doing crunches, planks and trunk twist exercises. These exercises can be great for … Read more