5 Best Energy Boosting Foods (Part 2)

Energy Boosting Foods - a bowl of cut kale next to lemons

In Part 1 of our investigation of energy boosting foods, I made the point that we expect an awful lot from our diets without always considering what we are eating. We are the ‘quick fix’ generation who want quality nutrition and to feel like a million dollars, but will open a bottle of energy drink … Read more

5 Best Energy Boosting Foods (Part 1)

Energy boosting foods - quinoa breakfast porridge with blueberries, banana and nuts

Let’s be honest. Most of us really are our own worst enemies. When we think of energy boosting foods, many of us picture a chocolate bar and can of fizzing drink. We’re rushed off our feet. Busy, busy busy. We neglect our health and pretend we can sail through life on a handful of hours … Read more

4 Benefits of Using Standing Desks

A selection of diagrams showing different types of desks and the benefits of standing desks

In an age where a large part of the population have desk-based office jobs, it is no surprise that sitting has been dubbed “the new smoking”. Maybe it’s time to switch to standing desks. A number of studies have highlighted that a sendentary lifestyle substantially increases the risk of premature death. One recent paper from … Read more