Don’t Let Injury Sideline your New Year’s Resolution

New Year's resolutions - popular goals on colourful post-it stickers

It’s the same every year. January comes around and so many of us, feeling sluggish and looking a touch portly, enthusiastically sign up to a common New Year’s resolution – that of the shiny new exercise and fitness regime. The festive season may have been fun, but it’s unlikely to have been kind to your … Read more

Sporting injuries in Australia: the research

Sports injuries graphic of the different types of sporting injuries

Facts and figures about sport, participation and injuries in Australia: Facts, figures and data into the most common sporting injuries and sports codes in Australia. Top ten most commonly injured body parts during sport 1. Hand, includes fingers 6. Face, excludes eye 2. Ankle 7. Foot, includes toes 3. Wrist 8. Head, excludes face 4. … Read more

Safer Sport With New Children Guidelines

Young boys and girls running towards ball

Reduce Injuries But Don’t Reduce Exercise – Sport and physical activity is a vital component of achieving good health. By undertaking a minimum of 60 minutes of activity per day children and young people will not only reduce their risk of chronic illness, mental illness and obesity but also develop healthy lifestyles, friendships, life skills … Read more

Why all the fuss about Core Strength?

A fit man and woman doing plank exercises for core strength

Core strength – what exactly does this mean? Many people, both qualified and those less so, talk of the importance of core strength, yet often they are unclear on exactly what this is. Many tend to believe that core training is simply doing crunches, planks and trunk twist exercises. These exercises can be great for … Read more

How to get fit for Basketball

A group of men playing basketball on a court. They are about to get fit for basketball.

Quick Basketball exercises to get you from courtside to court-ready Been a while since you’ve been on the court? Don’t sweat it – here’s how you can get fit for Basketball, fast. We’ve pulled together our favourite exercises to help you get fit so you’ll be hitting those 3-pointers in no time. In Basketball, not … Read more

How to Avoid Injury Going Into a New Exercise Routine

An older woman, sitting on a balance ball, holding dumbbells. How do you avoid injury going into a new exercise routine?

Beginning a new exercise regime will likely bring on a set of brand new aches and pains in areas you didn’t even know existed. So how can you avoid injury going into a new exercise routine? This is great, you are now working new muscle groups and engaging your control centre in a range of … Read more

Helping Kids Play Safer

A family playing soccer in a field.The adults helping the kids play safer.

Helping Kids Play Safer Statistics have shown that many children aren’t as active as they should be due to parent’s concerns of injury. Although injuries can occur, parents can take comfort in the fact that up to half of all sporting injuries can be prevented. And best of all, parents can play a part in … Read more

Protect Against Injury: Wear the Right Gear

A young male boxer wearing a head protector and boxing gloves, to protect against injury the the right gear

Protect against injury: Wear the right gear Don’t put your body on the line for sport when protective equipment can save you from injury. Protective equipment is there to protect players from injury and should be used whenever possible. In most competitive sports, the days of simply pulling on a t-shirt, grabbing a ball and … Read more

Protect Your Smile

A smiling young man holding hangers full of shirts in a boutique. It's important to protect your smile when playing sport

Dental Injuries – Prevention Is Always Better Than The Cure. Dental injuries can be painful, disfiguring, expensive and often require long-term management. Minimising their occurrence should be top of mind when playing sport or undertaking physical exercise. Remember to always protect your smile – especially when doing sport. Common injuries can include cuts to the … Read more

Getting The Most From Being Active

A couple being active by playing tennis. The woman is about to serve.

Prepare, Protect & Prevent and get the most out of being active It’s sometimes hard enough to get motivated for activity, having to battle time constraints, fatigue and weather conditions, let alone having to deal with an injury. To avoid the burden of an injury whilst being active, you need to remember to prepare your … Read more

Minimising the impact of dental injury

A smiling biy showing the importance of minimising dental injury when playing sports

Any dental injury is distressing especially when a tooth is knocked out. It can be painful, costly and often involve permanent damage. Dental injuries have the potential to occur in any sport where there is a risk of a blow to the head or the face from either an opponent or equipment. While wearing a … Read more

Parents can reduce school injuries

A group of multi-ethnic kids outside a school. Parents can reduce school injuries and keep their children safe.

In Victoria each year around 6,000 hospital-treated unintentional injuries occur among 5-15 year olds at school. Sports-related falls and collisions are the major causes of these injuries with fractures/dislocations and sprains/strains the most common injuries. Some of these injuries, however, could have been prevented – this is where parents can help. Parents can play a … Read more

Preventing Tennis Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

A couple being active by playing tennis. The woman is about to serve.

Every summer The Australian Tennis Open inspires many of us to take to the sport. Unfortunately injuries can occur if inadequate preparation is undertaken. In 2016, 127 people were admitted to Victorian hospitals while 382 people visited Victorian emergency departments for tennis-related injuries. The rate of tennis injuries has been calculated at five injuries per … Read more

Reducing childhood obesity through safer sport

@ cute children holding badminton racquets and a shuttlecock

Reducing childhood obesity through safer sport With a growing concern of the rising rates of childhood obesity, it’s important to consider that as well as a healthy diet, children need to participate in an adequate amount of physical activity. Research conducted by the University of New South Wales found that parents are preventing their children … Read more

Preventing Gymnastics Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

A young woman in a red leotard, performing gymnastics and jumping with a ribbon

Facts on Gymnastics Injuries in Australia An introduction to gymnastics Gymnastics is fundamental to movement and is recognised as the basis of all sport. Gymnastics prepares children in body movement, control, coordination, balance, landing and all dominant movement patterns. Children with this experience are demonstrably better at whichever sport they choose. Gymnastics leads the way … Read more