Survival of the smartest: how exercise affects our brain

cartoon image of brain exercising with barbells. Relates to how exercise affects our brain.

It is increasingly accepted that the brain as well as the body benefits from a life rich in sport and exercise. Improving cognitive fitness through exercise Across recorded human history there have been certain ages that have defined us, literally guided our advancement as a society.  With each of these seminal ages, a set of … Read more

City Kids vs Country Kids: How Geographical Location Affects Fitness and Sports Performance

A basketball court near some high-rise housing blocks. City kids vs country kids and fitness.

The fitness, strength and hand-eye skills of children can vary greatly according to where they have spent their formative years. We look at some surprising differences in city kids vs country kids when it comes to fitness and overall sports performance. As a sports coach, have you ever had a feeling of anxiousness when you … Read more