Core Vs Functional Training (what strength exercises work best for you?)

A young woman doing a side plank in the park. Core vs functional training

Core training and functional training are two fitness buzzwords that are increasingly used within the fitness industry. These terms are often used (sometimes inaccurately) to describe the various forms of training that incorporate movement patterns rather than traditional strength exercises. The terms (core training and functional training) are similar, but not the same, and shouldn’t … Read more

An ode to the Squat

A through the fence view of a young man and woman practising a squat together.

Reminding your body that it used to squat with ease can play an important role in reducing low-back pain Have you ever noticed a child squat? How about an elderly man enjoying a cigarette on a street corner in Bali? These squats are pieces of artistry; knees-out, straight-backed beautiful formations. Meanwhile we, mere mortals of … Read more