Common Food Terms and What they Mean for Your Health

Fresh vegetables on a wooden chopping board. Food terms like 'organic' can be confusing

A nutritionist gives us the run down on what to look for when food shopping: Shopping healthily doesn’t get any easier. There’s a plethora of choice out there and ‘paralysis by analysis’ can occur. If you’re anything like me, you forlornly (and rather desperately) scan the shelves, looking for labels that shout out ‘HEALTHY FOOD! … Read more

Why Use a Nutritionist?

Why use a nutritionist? A healthy plate of Salad with ham, cucumber, spinach, Bulgarian pepper. Black background. Top view. Close-up

Would you like to feel better, stop feeling hungry all the time and take control over your nutrition? If the answer is yes, then a nutritionist can help. A healthy, sustainable approach to nutrition is to focus on real food and its ability to improve our mental and physical wellness. Assess your individual health goals … Read more

An introduction to Nutritional Medicine

A table of foods high in nutritional protein

Nutrionist vs Dietitian – what is the difference? The Nutrionist: Providing advice on matters relating to food and how it impacts health is the main role of a nutritionist. The Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) explains how nutritionists design, coordinate, implement and evaluate a range of health interventions to improve the wellbeing of individuals, communities … Read more