Bodybuilding Supplements – What a Professional Takes!

Bodybuilding supplements - scoop of protein, bcaa and creatine, omega3 in pills on wooden background

Buying protein powder, collagen, vitamin supplements and concerned by the cost? Spare a thought for the poor bodybuilder! If you’ve every been curious about the bodybuilding supplements that a seasoned pro takes, read on. SmartPlay spoke to Tom Lawry, a competitive bodybuilder, to get an understanding of what supplements and vitamins he takes on a … Read more

Is Glutamine right for you?

A scoop of white glutamine powder on a bright yellow background. Products like this are part of the dry scooping craze

Glutamine is increasingly popular as a recovery supplement and for good reason. Have you ever tried Glutamine? If you suffer after going to the gym or exercise then glutamine might be just what your body needs to get you back to feeling ready to exercise again day after day. Glutamine is an amino acid and is one of … Read more