What is the Best Workout for Fat Loss?

Muscular slim woman displaying her trim abs and midriff. What is the best workout for fat loss?

Every personal trainer will likely have had this question asked of them: What workout is the most effective for fat loss? The demand for fat loss solutions worldwide is enormous and it continues to grow. It is still the most common outcome that clients request of their personal trainers. As fitness professionals we advise our … Read more

Getting Exercise and Therapeutic Professionals in Sync

A yonug woman doing abs work on a mat. Getting exercise and therapeutic professionals in sync

All professional coaches and fitness trainers should take responsibility for injury management. It has been argued that best practice for the fitness industry is that all levels of exercise professionals need to take responsibility for their clients’ niggling injuries. That is not to say that they cannot work as part of a “rehab-team” that would include primarily a … Read more

Marketing for Personal Trainers

A man in a white t-shirt in a gym. He is a personal trainer. He runs bootcamps and outdoor fitness programs.

Don’t neglect a marketing strategy if you wish to attract more clients Most personal trainers struggle to win new clients in their first years of independent work. The industry rule-of-thumb has long recommended that a personal trainer acquire at least 15 clients in order to work comfortably full-time. Most trainers expect (hope?) gyms to recommend … Read more