Sporting injuries in Australia: the research

Sports injuries graphic of the different types of sporting injuries

Facts and figures about sport, participation and injuries in Australia: Facts, figures and data into the most common sporting injuries and sports codes in Australia. Top ten most commonly injured body parts during sport 1. Hand, includes fingers 6. Face, excludes eye 2. Ankle 7. Foot, includes toes 3. Wrist 8. Head, excludes face 4. … Read more

Getting The Most From Being Active

A couple being active by playing tennis. The woman is about to serve.

Prepare, Protect & Prevent and get the most out of being active It’s sometimes hard enough to get motivated for activity, having to battle time constraints, fatigue and weather conditions, let alone having to deal with an injury. To avoid the burden of an injury whilst being active, you need to remember to prepare your … Read more

Get a head start! Prevent injuries with preseason training

2 people running on a track, showing what is needed to prevent injuries with preseason training

Are you counting down the time until your sport begins again and thinking of starting pre-season training? Why wait; begin your pre-season training now. It has been found that participating in pre-season training can significantly reduce the risk of injury occurring throughout the season. Pre-season training is a great way to improve fitness, increase skill … Read more