Safer Sport With New Children Guidelines

Young boys and girls running towards ball

Reduce Injuries But Don’t Reduce Exercise – Sport and physical activity is a vital component of achieving good health. By undertaking a minimum of 60 minutes of activity per day children and young people will not only reduce their risk of chronic illness, mental illness and obesity but also develop healthy lifestyles, friendships, life skills … Read more

Parents can reduce school injuries

A group of multi-ethnic kids outside a school. Parents can reduce school injuries and keep their children safe.

In Victoria each year around 6,000 hospital-treated unintentional injuries occur among 5-15 year olds at school. Sports-related falls and collisions are the major causes of these injuries with fractures/dislocations and sprains/strains the most common injuries. Some of these injuries, however, could have been prevented – this is where parents can help. Parents can play a … Read more

Reducing childhood obesity through safer sport

@ cute children holding badminton racquets and a shuttlecock

Reducing childhood obesity through safer sport With a growing concern of the rising rates of childhood obesity, it’s important to consider that as well as a healthy diet, children need to participate in an adequate amount of physical activity. Research conducted by the University of New South Wales found that parents are preventing their children … Read more