Intensity vs Volume in CrossFit

A fit young woman exercising with a barbell, using the crossFit training method.

Are you in charge of running a CrossFit class or organising a CrossFit program? Perhaps you are an athlete looking to compete at a higher level? We examine the Volume vs Intensity dilemma? The CrossFit program is built around founder Greg Glassman’s mantra of: “World Class Fitness in 100 Words” which includes the central point: … Read more

Goal Setting for the ‘new’ You

smiling surfer running with surfboard on beach in Bali, Indonesia. He is setting goals for the 'new' him.

The importance and efficacy of goal setting for people trying to get fit and lose body fat cannot be overestimated. We all use goals all the time for everything we do. If you are reading this article, your goal is likely to learn more about goal setting! But we don’t always set our goals appropriately, … Read more