How To Play Squash

Squash players in action on a squash court (motion blurred image; color toned image). Learning how to play squash is not hard.

The World Squash Federation estimates there are around 50,000 squash courts globally, scattered across 188 countries and territories, embracing 20 million players. So isn’t it time you learned how to play squash? If you are seeking a sport that gives you a great cardiovascular workout, look no further than squash. In fact, in 2003 Forbes … Read more

Preventing Squash Injuries – Facts and Safety Tips

A man playing squash on a squash court

If you would like some advice on how to play squash, please see here. Facts on Squash Injuries How many squash players? More than 300,000 people play either squash or its cousin, racquetball, across Australia. Squash is a great way for people to increase their fitness and for children to improve their hand and eye … Read more