Struggling to Build Muscle? You may be a Hard Gainer

A slim, but fit young man in boxing gloves. He may be a hard gainer.

You work hard in the gym, lifting heavy, doing the same exercises, the same routine as all the massive guys. But you just don’t get any bigger. Why can’t you put on muscle mass? So you work harder, adding an extra session per week and doing even more reps every time you step inside the … Read more

Kickboxing burns calories and kicks butt

Young woman kickboxing with male coach

Kickboxing has a history of over a hundred years and it requires incredible cardiovascular endurance and lightning speed for survival. While the primary purpose of kickboxing is to train for hand-to-hand combat, over recent years, many gyms have started kickboxing classes to inculcate its spiritual and physical demands into their clients’ routines. A few cardio exercises will certainly … Read more

Get a head start! Prevent injuries with preseason training

2 people running on a track, showing what is needed to prevent injuries with preseason training

Are you counting down the time until your sport begins again and thinking of starting pre-season training? Why wait; begin your pre-season training now. It has been found that participating in pre-season training can significantly reduce the risk of injury occurring throughout the season. Pre-season training is a great way to improve fitness, increase skill … Read more