Natural Health, From Head to Toe

Healthy outdoor exercise

Try these easy tips to prevent indigestion, boost brain power, stop osteoporosis, and more. As awareness of the shortcomings of modern medicine has grown, we have become more enthusiastic about both natural health and natural approaches. Generally, these methods are less invasive and safer. Underlying most of these choices in healing is the belief that … Read more

Explaining seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

A cartoon of a tree illustrating the various seasons

As many as 1 in 300 Australians are thought to experience SAD. Although clearly a problem much more prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere, seasonal affective disorder still affects too many of us. Associate Professor Michael Baigent, clinical advisor to BeyondBlue helps to clarify the condition by explaining seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as follows: “S.A.D. is … Read more

Suffer from psoriasis?

woman showing her psoriasis on the hairline

What is psoriasis and what natural treatments work best? We take a look at what lifestyle modifications are most effective Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition in which new skin cells are produced much faster than usual (about 10x). This, distressingly, results in unsightly red, scaly patches. Unfortunately, the exact cause of psoriasis is not … Read more