The Importance of Staying Hydrated

The Importance of Staying Hydrated - someone pouring water from a jug into a glass

You’ve heard the 8 glasses of water a day advice and thought it was too ridiculous or impossible too even attempt. We know the importance of hydration for our bodies and the simplest solution comes right out of the tap, but why do we find this basic nutritional principle so difficult? Of course for the … Read more

The Dangers of ‘Dry Scooping’

A scoop of chocolate protein powder. SOme oyung people are dry scooping supplements

‘Dry Scooping’ is emerging as a new social media trend amongst the young. But what is this TikTok craze and is it safe? Here at SmartPlay we know that many of our readers use protein powders and sports supplements, either occasionally or regularly. There are many good reasons to take dietary supplements: whether you are … Read more

Eating Right For Sport

Eating right for sport with scrambled egg tartlets and wheat grain crackers on a stoneware plate

Want to get fitter, want to be faster and stronger? Then take your food intake seriously Food is an important part of sport. It provides the body with the fuel it needs to perform at its best. However, if the wrong foods are consumed, injuries can result. Fatigue is a common risk factor in many … Read more

Drink Up and Avoid Dehydration!

An ice cube dropping into water. It is important to drink up and avoid dehydration

Take Dehydration Seriously Ever exercised or played sport and suffered a cramp? If you have, you’re certainly not alone as they can occur when people are active, as a result of dehydration. Put simply they happen because people do not drink enough fluids before, during and after activity. When you exercise or play sport your … Read more

Practical and proven ways to lose the ‘pudding’

A blue plate with fried meat and a colourful salad. Perfect for encouraging better eating habits and losing fat

Losing fat is in some ways very simple, just a matter or mathematics. Use more energy than you consume, consistently, and you will burn off fat. But in a lot of other ways it is very complex. In our modern industrialised society we don’t often eat because we are hungry. We eat mainly out of … Read more

Natural cures for constipation

Spoons with various supplements in spoons

 What can I take to fix constipation? A. Sluggish bowels may be due to insufficient dietary fibre and liquid intake, stress, medications (including the over-use of laxatives and antacids and some high blood pressure drugs and antidepressants), and lack of exercise. For those times when you need some gentle assistance, try these natural remedies: * Ground psyllium … Read more