Pilates for Men

Pilates reformer workout exercises man at gym indoor. Pilates for men has many benefits.

Why are more men taking up Pilates? Is Pilates good for men? Or perhaps we should rephrase the question to ‘gents, if you haven’t tried Pilates, why not‘? So how useful is Pilates for men? Though many of us tend to think of Pilates as an exercise regime mainly for women, this is not how … Read more

Yoga Kula

Young woman practicing yoga warrior pose at sunset

Yoga Kula of Turramurra, Sydney (not to be confused with Kula Yoga, Hawthorn/Hampton, Melbourne) has now moved locations and changed its name to Kula Body. The studio is still based in the northern Sydney suburb of Turramurra. Yoga Kula has long established an enviable reputation in Sydney for its excellent yoga and pilates classes. The … Read more

Yoga and the Power of Breath

A young woman practising yoga and the power of breath

We all (hopefully) know how important breathing is to us human beings. If we’re not getting that much needed oxygen, something’s going wrong, yes? But are you aware of the strong connection between yoga and the power of breath? Read on to learn more. Many of us even know that different levels of breath help … Read more

Need more energy?

Stretching on beach at sunrise

Ever feel like getting out of bed is impossible? Before you reach for a caffeine hit, perk up with these tips. 1. Make over your morning If you need more energy, start the day with a glass of fresh juice for burst of nutrients. My favourite combination is carrot, celery, ginger, parsley, garlic, and pineapple. … Read more

Strengthen Your Shoulders

A young woman strengthening her shoulders by performing a plank pose

We share three go-to asanas to activate your shoulders and get them ready for your first handstand. Inversions change the body’s centre of gravity, because while hips and legs are designed to carry the upper body’s weight, the arms and shoulders are not built to carry the heaviness of the lower body. However, there’s nothing … Read more