You’re probably in the minority if you answered in the affirmative! Cardio training doesn’t get a lotta love.

And it’s easy to see why – it’s hard and it can hurt.

And frankly, it’s often repetitive and monotonous which gives rise to legitimate claims that cardio is boring.

However, to ignore cardiovascular training is to miss out on its important benefits.

If you need inspiration to get back on that treadmill, stairmaster, spin bike, pavement, whatever… check out the list below and refuel your motivation:

10 Great Reasons for Cardiovascular Fitness

1. Instant feel-good. You will feel invigorated for hours after training

And if you’d like to know a bit about ‘exercise high’, see here.

2. Train your heart. The heart is a muscle and cardio is its strength training

3. Weight loss. There is no better way to shed some kilograms!

4. Increased endurance and stamina. Get through your day without a cat-nap

5. Increased confidence right away!

6. Healthy lungs

7. Helps weight lifting results show through. Burn that little layer of fat sitting on top of the muscle!

8. Increases metabolism for up to 24 hours

9. Improves immune system. Being sick less equals more days to work out!

10. Reduces stress

Cardio exercise should last from 20-45 minutes. Go easy when you start and ease in to higher intensities.

Work your way up to 2-4 sessions a week and enjoy the wonderful benefits of cardiovascular training.

And remember the 3 major ingredients to achieving your fitness goals will always be:

  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Persistence

And if you find it hard to take that first step and need a little motivational push, see here.


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